How many types of baby cries are there?

Every baby cries before they learned how to talk and it’s an important way of communication for them. It’s very hard to understand the exact reason of their cries because it can be for unknown reasons. They mostly cry when they are hungry or anger. But the main reason of all baby cries is taking attention. They also cry when they realized that they are producing new type of sounds when they cry. It’s true that solving all cry types is not possible but they are some cry types that can be identified easily. How many types of baby cries are there?

There are 4 main types of baby cries. They are the cry of pain, the cry of hunger, sleepy cries and the fake cry. There are also some cries that occur every close moments of each day and it can be a sign of colic or headache.
According to researches, cry of pain on babies mostly starts with a sharp scream.
Other screams follow it. Babies mostly use such cries when their legs or arms are harmed by something. Many parents make the same mistake when they heard this cry. They change the position of baby and set him relaxed but they never search the reason why she cries. When the problem is not solved, baby will wait till parents go out the room and she will start to cry again. It’s certain that when parents don’t fix the problem, baby will not stop crying. Also you can teach how to fix problems or ease the pain to your baby. Many parents don’t believe it but according to researches, babies can learn how to ease pain.

Cry of hunger is another common cry. It starts with a low-pitched cry. Easiest way to understand cry of hunger is controlling the voice and cry of hunger is mostly in a definite rhythm. You can understand the level of hungry when you watched the baby. If baby is sucking her hands or rooting for something, it means she’s on the last line. It’s useless to try stopping this cry because it can only be stopped by feeding.
Sleepy cry is what parents can identify easily. It starts in a soft tone and goes in a definite cadence. If you are not interested or couldn’t understand the problem, she will start to increase the volume of her cry. Many parents believe that there’s nothing to do with sleepy cry and they must wait till baby gets tired and sleep.

Fake cry is easy to identify because it stops when baby is picked up. It’s not like a cry, it’s mostly like a moan. Parents can easily understand the fake cry. Also when they need nappy change, they cry in the same rhythm. It’s easy to understand if it’s a fake cry or nappy change because if it’s nappy change, baby will not stop even she’s picked up but she will stop if it’s a fake cry.
Some baby cries are “like clockwork” Every day in the same hour, they start to cry. Some parents believe that it’s a fake cry but many researches showed that it can be a sign of illness like colic. Also problems on temperature or baby’s need to feel safe and loved can be reasons of cry.

Parents must be very careful when they responded to cry because all babies follow and control parents with their instinct. The only way to minimize cries is developing the feel that you will be close to her when she need you in every condition.

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