How many intelligence types are there for human?

Intelligence is hard to limit to one thing term with including understanding capacity, communication ability, self-awareness, emotional strength, problem solving and others. It’s believed that intelligence is available only in human but latest researches showed that animals and plants may have it. There’s no specific explanation of intelligence today there are lots of theories about it. It’s believed that every human has different intelligence capacity. Also there are researches on artificial intelligence. It’s believed that intelligence is only possible in similar nervous system livings but cephalopod intelligence in some sea creatures changed this idea. Today, intelligence types for human are classified. It’s not definite now but lots of science spots accept it. How many intelligence types are there for human?

There are 9 different types of intelligence. They are referring different abilities from music to linguistic. It’s hard to classify people with intelligence types but there are researches also on it.

One type of intelligence is “Naturalist Intelligence”. It’s mainly about discriminating the living creatures and being sensitive than normal on them.

Musical Intelligence is the intelligence type that a human can have high ability for rhythm, tone and other musical terms. He can set connections between music and maths.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence is having ability on calculating and quantifying mathematical problems easily. Existential Intelligence is ability about understanding life, death and born situations.

Interpersonal Intelligence is ability that a man can contact easily other persons with verbal or nonverbal skill. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence is an ability that can be easily shape things to a beautiful concept. There are also Linguistic Intelligence for language usage, Intra-personal Intelligence to understand himself easily and Spatial Intelligence is about imagining easily.

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