How many tourists does the Hagia Sophia have per year?

A short view to Hagia Sophia Museum.

Through the whole world there are lots of historical places. You can see these historical places wherever you go and each of it are different from each other and they have lots of different historical background. In world history there are lots of communities, empires and events and thanks to these people in world we have lots of historical buildings.ayasofya camii

On this point, Hagia Sophia museum is one of the most popular historical buildings when we think from the point of the whole world. Hagia Sophia (In Greek its full name: Ναός τῆς Ἁγίας τοῦ Θεοῦ Σοφίας and in Latin: Sancta Sophia or Sancta Sapientia. It is built between the years of A.D 532 and 537 by the Byzantium Emperor I. Justinianos. First of the years when it is built it is used as Cathedral up to the year of 1453 when The Ottoman emperor Mehmed the conqueror conquers the Istanbul. Between the years of 1453 and 1335 it is used as a mosque and after 1935 it is started to use as a museum. Not only from the point of Christian community but also from the point of Muslim people it is very important because it can be said that it is representing the Istanbul. It takes places on the historical peninsula of Istanbul and its place is very beautiful. When you can go to see the Hagia Sophia in there you can encounter lots of historical buildings because in that peninsula not only Byzantium Empire but also Ottoman Empire leaves lots of ruins from the point of cultural and historical. The reason why the historical peninsula of Istanbul is so important is that its having lots of valuable ruins. When we look at the name of the building we see that it takes its name from ancient Greece, the word of “Sophia” means that “knowledge” and on the other hand the world of “Hagia” means that “Divine” and when we combine these two words we see the meaning of the name of the building is “Divine knowledge”



The Touristic Way of Hagia Sophia

In spite of the fact that, Hagia Sophia is built in the year of 537, it can be said that it is a perfect masterpiece.  Even in our modern day it is very difficult to build a masterpiece like Hagia Sophia. When we look at the features of it we can see lots of beauties. On the walls of the Hagia Sophia there are lots of pictures and mosaics. In those mosaics there are symbols of not only from the Christianity but also from the Islam and like them there are lots of symbols like them. As a result of these beauties of Hagia Sophia, every year from the different regions of the world people are visiting to Hagia Sophia. When we look at the current research we can say that each year there are up to 3,5 million tourists are travelling Hagia Sophia and this number is increasing day by day.


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