How many Eiffel Tower steps are there?

World’s famous tower Eiffel Tower is located in Champ de Mars, Paris. It’s built for being an entrance statue of 1889 World’s Fair. Every year millions of people are coming to see Eiffel Tower from all over the world. It’s created to be Washington Monument but it’s then moved to Paris. Eiffel Tower is divided to 3 levels for tourists. First two steps are available by elevator or step, third step is only available with lift. There are also steps for third level but they are not usable. How many Eiffel Tower steps are there?

Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier discovered the idea of Eiffel Tower but they didn’t go into it more. When Jules Grévy became president and chose Édouard Lockroy, a huge budget is opened for world fair in France and they started a competition. Engineer Gustave Eiffel and his plan Eiffel Tower won the competition. In first period of Eiffel Tower, artists protested it because they taught it’s not feasible or aesthetic.

Eiffel Tower saw lots of damages, fire and more in its history. Over 200 million people visited it since first open. Tower now have two restaurants. One of them is “Le 58 tour Eiffel” on the first floor. Second is “Le Jules Verne” on the second floor. “Le Jules Verne” is a gastronomical restaurant and it’s only possible to reach it with a special lift. Eiffel Tower has 1665 steps and only a few of them are usable.

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