How many symptoms of Menopause are there?

Menopause means end of menstruation for women. Women faces Menopause mostly in midlife between 40 to 50 years. Menopause means end of the fertile period for women. Ovaries stop their primary functions. Also body stops releasing hormones related to pregnancy. There’s no definite timing or schedule for menopause and it differs on all women according to biological aging. Some problems like polycystic ovary syndrome can also cause Menopause in younger women. Also smoking cigarette, higher body mass index and therapies like chemotherapy can cause early menopause. Till 1900s, it’s believed that menopause is for only women females but researches showed that many animals are facing menopause. Because menopause period is not only physical but also psychological affects on women, experts advise to learn symptoms of menopause especially for midlife women. How many symptoms of Menopause are there?

Most known symptom of Menopause is hot or cold flashes. Flushes on women mean sudden and strong sensation of warmth in the body, especially in face and upper body. Also it can be same sudden and strong sensation with a chilling feel. Flushes causes by decreased supply of the estrogen in body. While estrogen production stops gradually in some women, generally it stops abruptly and women faces hot flushes as attacks.
Also many women complaints about night sweats and it causes by hot flushes also. Many women believe that it’s a sleep disorder but it’s mainly a type of hormone change effect known as “nocturnal hyperhydrosis”. It mostly occurs during sleep. Continuous “nocturnal hyperhydrosis” can cause weight loss and similar problems in women.

On the last months before Menopause, most of the women complaints about short or irregular periods. When body starts to lose hormone imbalance, firstly periods starts to finish shorter. Many women complaints that their periods stop in 24 days while it’s 28 days regularly. They also face “light period” problem which comes only little bleeding. Many women also complaints about heavy bleedings after “light period” months. Also many women starts to skip months. It’s generally one months skip but it can last for several months also. When it comes to decrease in estrogen production, periods can also last longer than standard.
Loss of libido is normal for the symptoms of Menopause but many women who can’t understand symptoms of Menopause start anxiety about situation and mood changes can cause big problems. Husbands triggers the problem in this situation because many husbands accuse women for low level of desire but it’s mostly hormonal. A common problem for loss of libido is difference between sexual drive and sexual function. Women who lose their libido can still feature sexual functions but they lose sexual drive.

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Vaginal dryness is a common symptom of menopause but it can also a result of an ilness or medication. When estrogen levels dropped in body, vagina starts to dry and changes to less elastic. Sex starts to become more and more uncomfortable and vagina gets more prone to infections. Because of vagina dryness, women also feel older and out of social life. Especially in younger Menopause situations, it’s emotionally upsetting and can cause depression.
Mood swings and sudden tears are not only special to Menopause for women but a women over 40 can understand and identify the reason behind mood swings and sudden tears easily. It can be dangerous when a woman didn’t accept the mood swings as a symptom of Menopause and she must be under control.

Also working women face many problems in office like difficulty on concentrating, fatigue, mental confusion and more. They can be treated under therapy and there are many groups today for this problems.
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