How many symptoms of Asthma are there?

Asthma is a common airways disease. It’s mostly chronic inflammatory. Asthma’s diagnose needs research on frequency of symptoms. Definite reason of Asthma is still unknown but it’s mainly a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Main diagnose way is controlling symptoms or checking response to therapy. Numbers of Asthma disease patients significantly increased in 60s and today there are over 300 million Asthma patients in the world. Every year nearly 250.000 people are dying cause of Asthma. Classification of patients’ needs some data like severity, symptom frequency and night time symptoms. How many symptoms of Asthma are there?

An asthma patient has to know the Asthma symptoms exactly because an Asthma crisis may be deadly. Asthma crisis show some early changes in body and breathing before coming so it’s very important to listen the body carefully.
First signs of Asthma generally start with increased nighttime cough. Some patients cannot sleep cause of cough. Nighttime cough may last for two or three days. After two or three days, cough starts after a little physical activity and it turns to wheezing. Sometimes it can keep away from working.

Tiredness is first main symptom of new Asthma patients because they can start to feel differences in their body. Tiredness starts to avoid patient from daily routines of her. She needs to sit and relax and when she seat she starts to cough and wheezing.
Whether nighttime coughs stops, patient starts to get up very tired and complains about developed restless sleeps. Most of the Asthma patients resist to sleeplessness only for a little time and then little naps on work or home starts. Patient may say that she doesn’t remember how she slept or when she slept.
Allergy symptoms start but some of them may be realized as a result of tiredness and hard work. Generally dark circles under eyes start to be notice by friends. In a few days, they become itchy areas. Also some patients complain about inflamed skin. Most of the Asthma patients go to doctor after persistent runny nose symptom.
If patient doesn’t go to doctor after this period, asthma starts to be worsening. Airways narrow. Also patient feels that airways fill with mucus and she can’t throw them out. Airways of patient get inflamed.
Last period of early symptoms start with chest tightness. Patients express this feeling as unable moving air to lungs like something is sending it back. Also cough starts to be chronic and a normal piece of patient’s daily life. Wheezing increases and sometimes friends may hear the wheezing.

When all early symptoms are avoided by patient, Asthma starts to show late symptoms and new symptoms starts to block daily activities of patient. After a short period, patient starts unable to complete daily routines. Main symptom of this period is complain of patients about hearing the own wheezing always. Also when cough comes in intervals in early diagnose period, now cough continues in night and day. Most of the patients only sleep for two or three hours in a day. Even she sleeps in time, she feels over tired in morning.
If it passes the early diagnose period, patient starts to breath quick and short. Difficulties on talking start and increase. Patient is seen on panic always. Sweating starts to increase and it reaches to an uncontrollable level. Fingertip colors start to change and they become easy to notice.
Today there are medications for avoiding Asthma crisis and taking the illness in control. If medication is successful, patients rarely shows Asthma crisis and they can continue to daily life with more controlled routines.

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