How many states legalize same sex marriage in United States?

Controversies about same sex marriage legalization period continue since the first years of United States. Controversies spread to all states in 1970s. In 1993, Hawaii Supreme Court found Baehr v. Lewin’s same sex marriage prohibition as unconstitutional. The biggest step on legalizing same sex marriage in country is made in 1996. U.S. Congress released Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA with its popular name and this new act give a right to states about refusing the same sex marriage even its neighbor state accepts it. How many states legalize same sex marriage in United States?

Today there are 7 states legalized and support same sex marriage. They are Iowa, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C. Also Native American tribal jurisdictions Coquille, Suquamish legalize same sex marriage but don’t perform act. California legalized same sex marriage but now it only accepts people who applied before November 5, 2008. Maryland and Washington passes law about same-sex marriage but it also need referendum results. Referendum will be hold in November 2012 elections. Maine will also make an initiative to take steps about same-sex marriage.
Massachusetts is the first state to accept and legalize same sex marriage. Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts legalized it in May 17, 2004. It became sixth jurisdiction legalized same sex marriages in the world. Others were Belgium, the Netherlands as countries and Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia as Canada provinces. State gave its first same-sex couples’ marriage licenses in Cambridge. Susan Shepherd and Marcia Hams became the first legally married same sex couple in the United States. Many couples married in same period. Some of them applied Boston before Massachusetts for license but they couldn’t take it. A last survey on is made with Public Policy Polling method and 59% of Massachusetts people supported same sex marriage. In 2012, approval rate increased to 62%.

Connecticut became the second state legalized same sex marriages. Legalize date was November 12, 2008. State’s law about same sex marriage gives same rights and same responsibilities to same sex couples. Connecticut became the first state legalize it without any judicial intervention. Today Connecticut also allows adoption for same-sex couples and opposite sex couples even married or not and single individuals.
Iowa legalized same sex marriage in April 3, 2009. First attempts to legalize same sex marriage started in 1998. Hawaiian court found denial of same sex marriage incompatible with Equal Protection Clause. Against some Iowa legislators who tried to pass decisions to prohibit same sex marriages, state legalized it. Over 2000 couples made same sex marriage in one year. Iowa people’s support to same sex marriage in surveys was 44%. But 2012 survey showed that supported raised to 56%.

New York legalized same sex marriage in July 24, 2011. New York State Legislature passes Marriage Equality Act and Governor Andrew Cuomo signed it. New York law doesn’t include residency restriction but it also gave right to religious organizations for declining same sex marriage ceremonies in their churches. Last court was a victory over movement started on June 19, 2007. Controversies about same sex marriages in New York are still continuing.
New Hampshire legalized same sex marriage in January 1, 2010. Governor John Lynch signed the act. State saw lots of repeal efforts in small period. A last public survey showed that 55% of New Hampshire residents support same sex marriages.
Vermont legalized same sex marriage in September 1, 2009. Efforts were continuing since 2000. Public Survey showed that 58% of Vermont community supports same sex marriages. Vermont also saw various repeal efforts in period.

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