How Many E-Mail Users are there in the world?

The History of E-Mail

With the rapid development of the computer industry and the using of the internet and personal computers along the whole world, in today’s world it is very easy for people to make communication with each other. When we look at the 1950’s or 1960’s communication ways, it is very difficult to reach a person that you want whenever you want and it can be said that it is a dream to reach whenever you want and whoever you want by using communication tools in that

. People are sending letters to each other and reaching a letter’s to another person takes approximately a month and it can be change from place to place and as a result of this we can say that it is very difficult. Then the communication and connection technology start to develop themselves like all of the technologies. After some time people start to use telephones in order to reach each other but the telephone is not so widespread that there are only limited phones in cities and again with the rapid development of the technology the personal computer and the internet using start to be used at first there are very few computers and it is very difficult to reach the internet but they also developed to much extend and today our modern world, almost every people can reach the internet in an easy way. Now let’s look at the history of the e-mail. E-mail is the letter that can be sent by using the internet and it is the acronym of Electronic Post. Visually when we thing of the general point, there are not lots of differences between a paper letter and e-mail. By using e-mail, people can send music, photograph, document, video and lots of files to each other and because of this it is very usable for lots of the people who are using it. We can base the e-mail’s history to the invention of the internet. With the beginning of the internet using people start to use e-mail. In today’s world it is very usable to send e-mail between people because in modern world there are lots of computers and people are doing their works via internet.



The number of people who are using the Electronic Mail

In today’s modern world, lots of people are using e-mail on their daily lives. For instance; they are sending electronic mail to their collaborators in order to complete their works. Especially in work life electronic mail is very important. On the other hand in order to get information from the different places on the internet people can send their questions and they can get their answers by using the electronic mail. In our modern day according to the current researches there are2.5 billion electronic mail users in the whole world and this number is increasing day by day and again in future this number will be spread because of the people who are using electronic mail as an important tool in their lives.


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