How Many Jew People are there in the world?

In the world there are lots of people and each people are different from each other from the point of not only physical appearance but also from the point of their believes. There are lots of religions in the world and there are lots of people who believe these religions. On this point the biggest religions are Christianity, Islam and Jewishness. The greatest community from the point of religion is that the Christian people and then Moslems and Jewish people are other people who are the most majority of people. Now we are going to look into the Jewish people on the world. images (1)

A close look to Jewishness.

First when we look at the messenger’s of the Jewish people we see that Moses is the messenger of them. It is the oldest religion between the religions of monotheistic religions. The people who believe this religion is called Jew. B.C 2000 the sons of Israel settle in where now Palestine and then they are starting to divide and a community that name is Judah takes the management of the district after that time the term of Judaism is started to be used for the Jewishness. The rules of the Jewishness is starts with the rules of messenger of Moses and it starts to develop with the community of Judah and they believe that there is only one God that create the earth and the sky and there isn’t any power except for that God. All of the principles of Jewishness are take place in two important book and these books are their holy books. Their names are Torah and Talmud. The first book that tame is Torah explains the Moses’ rules that are taken from God by Moses and the other book that name is Talmud is a compilation of these rules and there are comments is the holy book of Talmud. 



Talmud is written between the years of A.D 3 and A.D 5 and it tells about the rules of people’s communities and life styles. In accordance with that holy book Jewish people are directing to their lives and they learning their limitation of their lives. Almost all of the people in the world believe that being Jewish people and being Judah is the same thing but when we look at these two notions we can say that they are completely different from each other. Because Jewish people are the people who believe in Moses but on the other hand Judah people are the people who are coming from the community of Judah, because of this reason two notions are different from each other. A Judah person can be a Jewish but on the other hand it is not necessary to being a Judah for a Jewish people, they can be from the different nations.  And in the world there are lots of Jewish people. According to the last research that are done by the experts in the world today, there are approximately between 11 and 13 million people and in the United States of America there are 6 million Jewish people.


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