How Many Star Alliance Airlines Member Are there in the World?

From the beginning of the humanity, people have been travelling to different places of the world. These trips are not only for the business but also on the other hand they are for the tours in order to see the different places of the world. Especially in last hundred years, with the rapid development of the technology and more specifically after the using of power of steam in the field of transportation a lot of processes are carried out. cor4-v1-b-newtag


On this point maybe one of the most important of these processes are the invention of the aircraft. By using the planes people can reach the another places of the world in a short time and easily. After the invention of the aircraft lots of companies are established in order to carry the passengers and get salaries. Especially in last years in world bazaar the salary that are coming from the aircraft transportation is huge extend and on this point because of this reason lots of the airline companies are in competition between us in order to be best. In order to get lots of passengers these companies have to do their advertisements in a good way to the whole world otherwise they can not get much more passengers and as a result of this their salaries can be decrease. On this point in order to increase their quality like in all fields, in airline field, companies decide to create a union. In today’s work we are going to analyze this union that airplane companies are create. Star Alliance in the world, it can be said that, it is the oldest airline alliance, it is established in the year of 14 May 1997 and from that time on to today lots of airline companies join the Star Alliance. It is the first and only airline alliance in the world today. The alliance is established the city of Frankfurt of Germany and when we look at the logo of the Star Alliance we see that there are 5 small items in its logo and when we look at the meanings of these items we see that each of them is representing the airlines that are the founders of the Star Alliance. These airlines are: Scandinavian Airlines, Thai Airways International, Air Canada, Lufthansa, and United Airlines.



The Number of Star Alliance in the world in 2013


From the foundation of the Star Alliance, lots of members join the alliance. Today when we look at the number of the members of Star Alliance we see that there are 28 full members of Star Alliance. These members are:


Adria Airways JP

Aegean Airlines A3

Air Canada AC

Air China CA

Air New Zealand NZ


Asiana Airlines OZ

Austrian OS

Avianca AV

Brussels Airlines SN

Copa Airlines CM

Croatia Airlines OU


Ethiopian Airlines ET


LOT Polish Airlines LO

Lufthansa LH

Scandinavian Airlines SK

Shenzhen Airlines ZH

Singapore Airlines SQ

South African Airways SA


TAM Airlines JJ

TAP Portugal TP


Turkish Airlines TK

United UA

US Airways US


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