How many species of tigers are there?

Tiger (Panthera tigris), felids (Felidae) family, a species of carnivorous mammal and fourfamily members is one of the big cats. The super-predator and feline largest and most powerful in the wild type. 80% of wild tigers living in the Indian subcontinent is home to the world. Siberia in the north, south India and Malacca peninsula located between the regions. Now there are six species.

The only serious hunter tigers illegally for their fur often kills people. At the same time almost all the bones and body parts in traditional Chinese medicine, pain relief, reduced numbers.

 A century ago the world and more than 100,000 people are capable of breeding in 2500, this number today, when he is not a tiger. I have a tiger population of over 250 members, is not able to reproduce. All tiger subspecies is classified as an endangered species.

There are 10 of these species with tigers endangered.

Subspecies of life:

> The Bengal tiger

> Indochinese Tiger

> The Sumatran tiger

>Siberian tiger

> South China Tiger

> Malay tiger