How Many Robinson Crusoe Movies Are There?

The Novel of Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is a child whose family is from middle class from the point of economy and it can be said that they are happy. At the beginning of story, despite of his father’s oppositions, Robinson decides to go a trip with his friend’s father. After this trip he is sold to a man who is from Morocco as a slave. defoe1

. After he gets out from there, he plans to bring slaves from Africa and earn lots of money. At the end of this trip which is planned by Robinson Crusoe himself and his friends, he finds himself a lonely and inhabitable island. He starts to survive thanks to wreck of his ship. About twenty four years later from that event, he realizes to some foreigners who come to island and they are cannibals. Robinson Crusoe rescues a man from those cannibals whose name is Friday. His name is Friday because Robinson Crouse saves him at the day of Friday and he takes him as his servant. They live together for three years. Robinson Crusoe educates him and teaches him English and some information about religion. Friday gives information to Robinson about cannibals. Friday informs Crusoe that the cannibals saved the men from the shipwreck which Crusoe witnessed earlier, and that those men, Spaniards, are living nearby. Friday wants to return his people and Crusoe is upset at the prospect of losing Friday. Then they decide to make contact with Spaniards in order to leave from island. Before they leave the island they come across with cannibals and cannibals are holding three slaves. Friday and Crusoe kill most of the cannibals and release the European, a Spaniard. One of the rescued victims is Friday’s father, Robinson sends Friday and his father to discover near places with canoe. Eight days later an English ship approaches the island and it alarms Friday. Friday and Crusoe watch as eleven men take three captives onshore in a boat. Nine of them explore the land and Friday and Crusoe overpower these men and release the captives, one of whom is the captain of the ship, which has been taken in a rebellion. Friday and Crusoe shoot the mutineers from different points. Eventually they confront the mutineers. After these events Crusoe boards the ship to return to England. There, he finds his family is deceased except for two sisters. He marries, and his wife dies. Robinson Crusoe finally departs for the East Indies as a trader in 1694. He revisits his island, finding that the Spaniards are governing it well and that it has become a prosperous colony.

The Number of Films Robinson Crusoe

Because of the novel’s becoming very effective people took its films and in history there are 20 movies of Robinson Crusoe. And these movies are “Robinson Crusoe” (1913)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1916)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1917)

“The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” (1922)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1924)

“Little Robinson Crusoe” (1924)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1925)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1927)

“Mr. Robinson Crusoe” (1932)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1933)

“Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island” (1936)

“Molly Moo Cow and Robinson Crusoe” (1936)

“Robinson Crusoe Jr” (1941)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1954)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1935)

“Robinson Crusoe on Mars” (1964)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1970)

“Robinson Crusoe” (1997)

“Crusoe” (2008) – Television series.


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