How many teeth of snails are there?

Snails, freshwater, oceans and animals can be seen all around. Are found in damp, and there is plenty of rainfall ever seen in the fall. Where plenty of water for their body freezes in cold weather. Hot weather loses water to dry. Points along a path to deposit their sticky liquid that produce vivid colors. Dried in their shells, sticky liquid bodies, their bodies lose moisture allows. Reduce the activities of early winter in the ground or tree cavities. Write Tao similar act is too hot. Snails appear when it rains the most. Snails are usually herbivores.


Generally herbivores can cause damage to the plant to eat the fresh shoots. Farmers are references to various methods to protect their products snails. Few, if they are collected from a remote location so that they take or garden walls, vegetables among them, stay away from trees, to provide hanging garlic or garlic juice in slope. Another method is the hook in the copper strips. Mucked substance secreted by the copper tape snails interacts with an electric current is thought to be formed and have been deleted.
According to a scientific institute, a tiny animal experiments made ​​in France. we have seen in snails teeth was announced that nearly 25,000




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