How many signs a girl gives when she likes a boy?

Love is a very complicated topic. So there are millions of books, articles, movies and similar about love but there’s no definite meaning or description of it still. There are also lots of researches about love and most popular result of these tests is that a girl shows her emotions more than a boy. Boys are mostly shy and hard to talk or show but girls have lots of ways to show her love or like. How many signs a girl gives when she likes a boy?

First of all, a girl only spends time with what she wants. It’s very hard to spend time with her if she’s in a party which includes people she doesn’t like. She always finds a way of quit from these environments. If a girl likes a boy, she will never miss any chance to be with him. Also girls don’t like listening boys if they don’t like him. But if a girl likes a boy, she listens to him carefully without missing any word. But on the other hand, she never likes any interrupt of her speaking by the boy she likes. It’s mostly a reason of break up.
After first days of introducing, if a girl likes a boy, she tries to touch him in every chance she gets. She mostly makes this while speaking or walking. She behaves like she wants to hold his hand but never hold. She waits it from boy first. Most of the touches of girl will be in accidental position. Some girls start to blush while walking because they think some emotional development.

Girls like to show their mimics when they like a boy and they wait boy to catch this mimic and reply them with smiling or similar mimics. Especially in environments like getting a drink or speak, they use their mimics. If boy is surprised from these mimics or he finds them funny, it means a broken heart for girl.
When a boy meets a girl and feels any interest from girl, he instinctively starts to make jokes. It’s a common misinformation that girls like boys who makes jokes. Girls only like jokes with some intellectual level on it. But in first meets, if a girl likes boy, she laughs louder than normal in every joke he made. It’s a very natural and funny laugh. If laugh is not natural or too polite, it means girl doesn’t like boy or his jokes.

Accidentally meets starts to be very often because she wants to see boy frequently. She finds always a different reason why she came to this place and some of them will be very silly. She carefully follows boy’s reaction after each meet.
If she feels that boy is also interested in her, she starts to play games. It’s natural and lots of boys are bored from this situation but it mostly occurs for two or three weeks in real. Boy must follow her and try to chase. If boy says or notices that he understands that it’s a game, it may be the end of relationship.
If a girl likes a boy, she will start to ask special days of him continuously. Especially birthday is a very important date because she reads zodiac reviews before every meet and behaves according to it. Also it’s a way of girls that interested in a boy.
After some meets, girls start to talk about future and waits add from boy. If this add is about a future of together, it’s maybe the last meet ever.

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