How Many Satellites Are there in the Space ?

With the rapid development of the technology especially in last hundred years, in the whole world in almost all of the fields correspondingly with the technology, there are lots of great developments. When we think about the period before the invention of power of steam and after the invention of the power of steam it can be easy to see the difference in the world’s technology. On this point, maybe it can be easily said that one of the most important development in the field of the technology is the invention of the satellites. Normally, in the orbit of the planets there are natural satellites. 



They are turning over the orbit of the planets but on the other hand there are satellites that are handmade. On this point, in this work we are going to make an analysis about the satellites that are handmade. In our modern world, the satellites are used too much extend and there are lots of goals of the people in using of the satellites. At first it can be said that the satellites are used in order to provide the communication in the world. By using the satellites people who are from the different regions of the world are connecting each other. These are satellites for the communication and with the help of them the information can be send easily to the place that is far from that place. When we think about the widespread using of the mobile phones in our modern day we can see the importance of the satellites too much extend. In our modern world almost all of the people have mobile phones and each minute they are using of those devices in their lives, not only in the field of their works but also on the other hand in the field of the communication and the entertaining like the internet they are using mobile phones and we can see that if there isn’t any satellite help we cannot use our mobile phones that are necessary when we think about the our modern day technology.


Again with the help of the high technology we can see that there are lots of satellites are used in the world today. Handmade satellites are available in the orbit of the world, we can see that in accordance with the research of Goddard Space Flight Center there are 2271 handmade satellites in the orbit of the world. And these satellites’ 1324 are Russian and on the other hand there are 658 satellites of The United States of America. With the help of these figures it can be easily said that one of the most important and developed countries from the point of the technology and the science the Russia and The United States of America in the world today, like in the past in the future with the high development of the technology new satellites and new technologies will be used and people will use much more rapid communication with the help of them.


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