How many rumors are there about Rex Ryan’s new tattoo?

Rex Ryan is one of the most popular head coaches in the American football history. Now he’s coaching New York Jets. He worked as assistant coach for 22 years in the Jets before being head coach. He’s the son of legendary coach Buddy Ryan who worked for Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles. Also he’s the twin brother of Dallas Cowboys’ Rob Ryan. He’s also popular with his character and lifestyle. It’s possible to find various documents written about him. He became news again with his new tattoo and rumors about meaning of tattoo are various. How many rumors are there about Rex Ryan’s new tattoo?

Everything started with a photo taken while Ryan is shirtless in Cove Atlantis resort. He left the area after noticed the photo quickly but photo was clear. Photo was ordinary first with tattoos like green shamrock on his left hand. But then magazines noticed a new tattoo on his upper arm. First discussions about tattoo were on its history. A friend of Rex Ryan talked to news and said Ryan “had it for years.” detailed the investigation and learned that only a few teammates from organization know the tattoo. Also assistant coaches don’t have any information about it.
Tattoo has a woman in wear. She’s very similar to his wife. Woman in tattoo is wearing only Mark Sanchez’s No. 6 green jersey and she’s posing like crouching Tim Tebow.
First and most common rumor about tattoo based on Tim Tebow. It’s a well-known truth that Ryan and Tebow has deep problems and these problems were on the water surface when season started.

Other rumor was about other tattoos of Rex Ryan. Some people made reviews to news about Rex Ryan tattoos and most of them were unbelievable. A man claimed that Rex Ryan has a Tony Soprano tattoo on his thigh. Also there were humorous news that Rex Ryan has a Tebow tattoo on his butt.
Time the tattoo has been made is also a trivial question because some magazines are following Rex Ryan’s nearly all moments but none of them noticed the making progress of time of this tattoo. Some magazines believed that Ryan was hiding this tattoo. Also there are some rumors that Ryan’s wife made the tattoo.
It also became a controversial topic between New York Jets fans that which Sanchez performance inspired Rex Ryan to get this tattoo. It’s true that Sanchez didn’t made any performance that will take him into “Man of Honor” list for years.
Reaction of Rex Ryan and her wife also triggered the discussions. It’s true that magazines are everywhere and the place they went is popular with magazines and shocking photos of celebrities. So their overreaction’s reason is still a surprise.
Also some magazine men claimed that Mark Sanchez surprised when he saw the photo of tattoo and news and they made a big quarrel on the phone. But some people believe that Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan decided to take this tattoo together and it was a joke between them. Rumors went to Sanchez’s bad performance and its reasons. Some people believed that Sanchez’s bad performance is coming from problems on tattoo.
Also newspapers tried to make a little interview about tattoo and Rex Ryan who is known for loving to make interviews declined the offer and called the situation as “personal matter.”
According to some sport magazines, a lost in the following matches will be the end of Rex Ryan’s work on the New York Jets but organization won’t talk about the tattoo news ever.


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