How Many Rivers Are There in the World?

In the earth there are lots of different geographical formulations. These are mountains, valleys, plateaus and the rivers. Each of them are connected to each other and each of them are affecting each other not only to some extend but also sometimes they are affecting each other in much more extend. On this point, today we are going to make a short analysis about the rivers in the world today. The river is a geographical formulation in the world, and rivers are generally connected to a bigger stream of waters or sea. When we think about the rivers from the point of the water that they are carrying we can say that the amount of the water that they carry is in great size. The-Sacramento-San-Joaquin-River-Delta

. In some situations, the rivers are not reaching the other bigger stream of waters such as sea and they are ending in a place that are on the earth by dropping the earth itself. People call these types of great streams of waters as rivers and on the other hand they are calling the smaller ones as brook. When we think about from the point of the environment, rivers are one of the most important factors that are supporting the cycling of the water in the world. It can be easily said that the rivers are fed by the waters that are coming from the rains and then after some time they are evaporated and again this cycle is continuing eternally. On the watering of the plants and other agricultural products the using of the rivers are very important and it can be easily said that millions of the people that are getting money thanks to the river waters and as a consequence of this agriculture products, are depend on the waters that are coming from the rivers and rains, on this point the waters of the rives play very important role from the point of economy and people’s lives. On the other hand millions of animals are fed by the waters of the rivers, there are hundreds types of animals in the world and each of them need water to drink in order to keep their lives continue, on this point they are using the waters of the rivers, on this point this is another importance and role of the rivers for the animate things. In the world today there are lots of rivers now we are going to look to these rivers.


The Number of the Rivers that are Available in the world Today


In accordance with the experts and the last research, in the world today there are 165 major rivers. And on the other hand there are hundreds of other smaller stream of waters. If we look at some major rivers according to their length we can count some rivers like this:

Athabasca Alberta, Canada, 765 miles

Bann Northern Ireland

Bighorn Wyoming and Montana, USA, 336 miles

Cauca Colombia, 597 miles

Deschutes Oregon, USA, 250 miles

Eel Northern California, USA, 78 miles

Erne Ireland and Northern Ireland, 60 miles

Essequibo Guyana, 600 miles

Genesee New York, USA, 144 miles

Jordan Utah, USA, 45 miles

Lena Russian Federation, 2735 miles

Little Bighorn, Wyoming and Montana, USA, 80 miles

Magdalena Colombia, 1062 miles

Mojave Southern California, USA, 100 miles

Monongahela Eastern USA, 128 miles

New Virginia and West Virginia, USA, 255 miles

Niagara Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, 39 miles.

Nile Africa, 4150 miles

Ob Russian Federation, 2289 miles

Oswego New York, USA, 24 miles

Otter Creek Vermont, USA, 75 miles

Pend Oreille Washington, USA, 62 miles

Red Minnesota, North Dakota, USA (into Canada), 318 miles

Richelieu Quebec, Canada, 208 miles

Saginaw Michigan, USA, 20 miles.

Saint Johns Florida, USA, 275 miles

San Pedro Mexico (into Arizona), 142 miles

Shennandoah Virginia and West Virginia, USA, 55 miles

Wilamette Oregon, USA, 188 miles

Wallkill New Jersey, USA, length unknown

Yenisey Russian Federation, 2548 miles

Youghiogheny Eastern USA, 151 miles


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