How many Resident Evil movies are there?

Resident Evil is the movie adaptation of famous Capcom video games with the same name. Movie project started on January 1997 and changed lots of hands before releasing. At last Columbia TriStar Company opened a $40 million budget for movie. After some director changes, office decided on Paul W.S. Anderson. Anderson said there won’t be any tie-ins between games and movie. Milla Jovovich was chosen as main character. After first films success, other films followed it. How many Resident Evil movies are there?

There are 5 original movie adaptation of game and Capcom filmed 3 more with CGI technique. First movie is released in 2002 with the name “Resident Evil”. In this movie, main topic is Umbrella Corporation’s genetic researches in “The Hive” facility and T-Virus spreading in the city.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse is released on 2004. Main topic is run away efforts from city and Alice’s wake up from comma. Nemesis attacks on this movie firstly.

Resident Evil: Extinction released in 2007. Main topic of the movie is virus’ spread all over the world and Nemesis Company’s effort to save the world. Claire Redfield’s survival convoy is another important event on this movie.

Resident Evil: Afterlife is released on 2010. Main topic of the movie is Tokyo Umbrella station attack of Alice and Clones. Also Alice loses her superhuman abilities because of a serum.

Last movie is Resident Evil: Retribution and it will be about fugitives run away period from Umbrella. Also there are Capcom movies Biohazard 4D-Executer, Resident Evil: Degeneration, Resident Evil: Damnation.

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