How many Rambo movies are there?

Rambo is a popular culture icon and movie series. Movie is based on David Morrell’s novel “First Blood”. Star of Rambo series is “Sylvester Stallone” He’s a Vietnam War veteran with many different combat skills. After success of franchise, many adaptations of book and movies are released. Rambo: The Force of Freedom is animated series based on book. Also many games for different game consoles are released. Last Rambo game is released as “Rambo: The Video Game” for PS3. How many Rambo movies are there?

There are 5 official Rambo movies are released. First movie “First Blood” is released in 1982. It’s a psychological thriller set in the United States. According to many critics, First Blood is the least gory and violent movie of series. Movie gained critical and commercial success. It made $6,642,005 gross in opening week and it was a big number for 80s. It made $47 million domestic and $125 million worldwide gross with $14 million budget and it became 13th highest-grossing film of the year. Home media is available for movie and TV version has some differences than theatre version. When movie is firstly shown in NBC, last three minutes of movie is changed for tying it to second movie. Also some dialogues are changed. It’s possible to see changes in DVD extras of movie. Movie also impressed Americans by Rambo’s traumatic memories on North Vietnamese. Torture scenes of Rambo made discussions.

Rambo: First Blood Part II is released in 1985. Screenplay of movie is produced by Stallone and James Cameron. Second movie is a sequel to first movie of Rambo and it starts from Vietnam War POW/MIA issue. Movie gained big commercial success but couldn’t do same on critical. It became most popular movie of series. It started a movie period known as “one-man army” movies. It awarded for 7 Razzie Awards and it was a record. Total gross of movie was $300,400,432 and it was one of the biggest gross of year. The presidential pardon scene in the movie created controversy.
Rambo III is released in 1988. Story is about Soviet war in Afghanistan. Movie gained critical and commercial success. Especially its anti-Soviet tone created controversy in Russia and USA. Guinness Records indicated that Rambo III is most violent but approved movie ever. According to report, there are 221 acts of violence in the movie. Also there are 70 explosions and 108 kills. It made $189,015,611 worldwide gross, it was lower than other movies of series but higher when compared to other movies in same category. United Kingdom censored one minute of the movie and it created controversy.
Rambo IV is released in 2008. Many fans believed that series is finished after third movie and it was twenty years after last movie. Stallone produced and directed the Rambo IV. Movie was about brutal Burmese military regime. Rambo killed a Burmese soldier squad in movie and it created some controversies. It grossed $113,204,290 in theatres and $39,206,346 in DVD sales. Movie is released with different names in many countries. Fans of Rambo series praised the movie but writers didn’t like it.
In February 2, 2008, Stallone said to Reuters that a fifth movie will be produced but it depends on the success last movie. In last days of 2008, Stallone confirmed he will produce Rambo V. According to rumors, Rambo and his team will kill a giant which was born from illegal genetic engineering experiments. These rumors surprised the fans and many forums discussed about the rumors. Stallone twitted that he’s dying to make a new Rambo movie but didn’t give any detailed information.

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