How Many Members of European Union Are There?


The History of European Union

In world history, there are lots of wars, disasters and lots of other negative events for people. When we think of from general point, we see that these events’ most of them affect people in a negative way. They are dying because of wars, famine, disasters and lots of other events. When it is thought from the point of wars, they have been continuing from long years. Especially in last two hundred years there are two great wars and as far as we know they are the one of the biggest wars in history. 

Flag of European Union

As we know their names are World War One (WWI) and World War Two (WWII) in these wars lots of people die from the different districts of the world and they affects people and the world too much and gives damage to the whole humanity. After these wars people start to think about to find alternative ways in order to make peace to the throughout the whole world. Here, in this point they decide to set up unions for themselves. These unions’ main goal is to make peace and as a second goal we can say that in order to develop from the point of economic way people start to set up this sort of unions. In this point, our main topic, European Union is one of the most important unions in the world. Let’s look at the history of European Union. When we look at the setting up the European Union we can base this union after the Second World War. First its former name is Europe Economic Union. Whenwe look at the bases of European Union, it is set up in the year of 1951 and ithas been developing from that time on. Its first name is European Coal and Steel Community and its principles are based upon Treaty of Roma that treaty is done in the year of 1957.



The Number of Members of European Union.

When the European Union first set up, it has 6 members. After that time on the numbers of members of European Union started to increase and even today there are lots of countries which want to be in on European Union. European Union’s founder countries are Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Luxemburg and Italy. After the Second World War, in west Europe there are winds of peace and as a result of this, these countries sign a treatment in order to support each other from the point of economy and their first goal is to provide peace. They start to be wealthier and they have criteria for this Union. After that time the countries which want to be in this Union must have these criteria otherwise they can’t be a part of this Union. When we come to our main topic, how many member of European Union today? Today there are 27 members of European Union and in future this number will increase, there are lots of countries that want to be in European Union and they are still in touch with the Union.



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