How many radio programs are listening over 8 million people in USA?

It’s a strong belief in USA that radio is stronger than TV in country. Arbitron is the official radio listener research company but it’s not possible to give complete radio listener date because radio coverage world is very huge in country. It’s estimated that there are over 300 million radio listener every day in USA and Canada. Some programs like American Top 40 are classic and attracting more than 20 million people every day. There are also some traditional radio shows in USA. How many radio programs are listening over 8 million people in USA?

The Rush Limbaugh Show is the most popular program in USA with over 15 million listeners every day. It’s broadcasting in Premiere Radio Networks. Premiere of show is made in 1988 and format of the show is conservative talk. Rush Limbaugh make monologues in show, sometimes talk with callers, talk about some commercial ads and make some parodies. His listeners are called as “Ditto-heads.” Famous people always become guests to show. Some of them are George H. W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Caviezel. The Rush Limbaugh Show is also famous with the jargon used in show. Words like Caller abortion, The Chi-Coms and Club Gitmo popular words in show’s jargon.

The Sean Hannity Show is as popular as The Rush Limbaugh Show in country. It’s format is Conservative talk. Show is broadcasting on both Premiere Radio Networks and Cumulus Media Networks. It’s live every weekday. Listeners of The Sean Hannity Show are over 14 million every day. Show includes monologues about politics and life, caller conversations and reading news. Sean Hannity likes to speak with people on street and it’s always an important part of show. Also show has a The “Hate-Hannity Hotline” that Hannity wants to be called by people who are against his opinions. Hannity mostly calls politicians to his show and some important guests are John McCain, Bobby Jindal and Mitt Romney.
Morning Edition is the most popular radio news program of USA radios. Show is distributing by National Public Radio. It airs only weekday mornings. Premiere of show is made in 1979. Renée Montagne is reading news since 2004. Show became a legend with its format and today most of the radio news programs use this format. Show is listening every day by 12 million people.

All Things Considered or ATC with its popular name is also a radio news program but it also includes talk times. It’s broadcasting in National Public Radio. It’s also broadcasting to worldwide since 2005. Program is made its premiere in 1971. Program is not only reading top news and hosts find a wide range of USA news. Weekday host of program is Melissa Block since 2003, Guy Raz is working as Weekend host. Over 11 million people are listening show every day.
Marketplace is the most popular radio program of USA in the business category. It’s airing from American Public Media. Marketplace is more popular than worldwide broadcasts like CNBC, Nightly Business Report and Bloomberg in USA. Premiere of program is made in 1989. Program only lasts for 30 minutes but it has a unique format to say lots of things in this short period. Every day over 9 million people are listening to Marketplace.
Glenn Beck Program is in Conservative talk format and lsitening by over 8 million people every day. Its airing from Premiere Radio Networks. Program made its premiere in 2000. Glenn Beck Program lost some of its listeners after discussion over Obama advisor Van Jones’s resignation in 2010.

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