How many popular methods are there to learn English quick and accurately?

English is today most widely spoken language in the world. It’s known as Lingua Franca which means the main language using by people while it’s not their native language. Because of its wide usage in the world and especially in business world, nearly all people try to learn this language. Researches showed that English is not the hardest to learn language in the world but using it efficiently needs a suitable method to learn and effort on it. Today, there are lots of courses using different approaches, techniques and methods to teach English. How many popular methods are there to learn English quick and accurately?

Today there are 17 professionally accepted and worldwide popular methods. Some of them are Grammar-translation method, Audio-lingual method, the direct method and Suggestopedia.
Grammar-translation method is a structural method to teach English. Grammar, vocabulary and direct translations are the main titles on this method. European teachers used it to teach English in 19th century but then some problems in this method caused some new methods born. Texts are very important and used in all lessons of this method. Method is very effective on learning English but it has no interest on student’s learning capacity and individual learning.
Audio-lingual method is also known as the learning language method of USA. It was the World War 2 era and it was very hard to continue with Grammar-translation method because of book, test and teacher shortage. Also because of war, USA had needed more men who know English at least for making basic communication in English. First USA Marines tried new Audio-lingual method with some Native Americans and they solved basic grammar rules with communication. Today Audio-lingual method is not popular as old days because of new techniques and change on the world order.

The direct method is also a very popular method. Method refrains the learner native language and supports them for using target language. Main technique is creating an imitation of native language learning process on second language learning. It doesn’t use text and books. Also it avoids grammar. Method firstly started to be used in 1900s. Especially Germany and France used this method and became successful. Today it’s still using in some learning classes but high motivation need keep it away from especially adult classes.
Communicative Approach is popular in Europe and it sees high criticism especially from American writers. After critics a new technique called “task-based language learning” is born from Communicative Approach. It’s mainly focuses in communication but don’t keep away books and texts but they are only used if the communication process really needs them.

Silent Way is a method discovered in 70s. Today Silent Way is not a common method but it’s still popular in some special course centers. In this method, teacher stays silent and only monitors students. Method is mainly stands on students’ effort. Effective vocabulary choice is a very important topic on method. Also materials are very important. Silent Way needs totally focused students and various elements in class.
Suggestopedia is reviewed as a revolutionary method when it’s firstly announced and claimed that it makes 4 or 5 times quicker to learn language than other methods. Main title on Suggestopedia is student’s trust and motivation on this method. Method use techniques like concert session, production and elaboration. Teacher’s role is very important in method because he must control the balance of neither being a directive nor a student.

Today methods like Natural Approach, Total Physical Response, Language immersion method and The series methods are very popular.

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