How many popular massage techniques are there?

Massage has today many different types. Also it’s possible to take massage for healing, relaxation and more reasons. Professional massagers today are using massage chairs but traditional massage needs a mat on the floor where man will lay. People used massage techniques for thousands of years for healing. Also they created connection between their philosophic ideas and massage moves. Today especially massage techniques from East Asia have also their own philosophies and routines. How many popular massage techniques are there?

Swedish Massage Therapy is the most popular massage type in the world now. It became popular in United States in 1900s. Swedish immigrants opened many massage centers and applied it to customers. Swedish Massage Therapy is based on long smooth strokes. Also circular movements on superficial layers of muscle and kneading are important. It’s a gentle and relaxing type of massage. Massage experts offer Swedish Massage Therapy if you never take massage before.
Aromatherapy Massage is also very popular especially in Europe. There are many different subtypes of Aromatherapy massage and main difference between subtypes is scented plant oils used for massage. Each Aromatherapy applier choose and use their own relaxing and stress-reducing oils for massage. Also there are some classical massage oils using in the Aromatherapy session like lavender. Massage experts offer this massage style if your problems are stress-related. Also people facing emotional component can use this massage.

Hot Stone Massage is very popular in Asia and now it started to be used in Europe and U.S also. Massage is based on special hot stones placing in some points of body. These stones balance the energy on the body and warm the muscles. Some Asian hot stone massage therapists also apply pressure to body after stone. Massage experts offer hot stone massage to people who have muscle tension problems but don’t want strong massages.
Deep Tissue Massage can be used alone or after some strong massages. Target of deep tissue massage is mainly connective tissue and deeper layers of muscle. Therapists of deep tissue massage know the muscle’s connecting points and they apply slower strokes to these points. This type of massage therapy is used for healing of patients with chronically tight muscle problems for hundreds of years. Also it’s possible to solve postural problems and repetitive strain problems with this massage.
Shiatsu is Japanese massage art and it’s very new in Europe and U.S. It’s based on acupuncture meridians. Therapists hold some points of body for ten second to trigger flow of energy. After massage, body regains its balance of energy. Shiatsu became popular in Europe because many people complain about pain after massages but there’s no pain after Shiatsu.
Thai Massage is similar to Shiatsu. It applies pressure to some points of body. Difference of Thai Massage from Shiatsu is about movement. In Shiatsu, you only lie in the bed but in Thai Massage, you need to make some moves with therapist. It’s one of the best ways to regain energy that body lost. Also it can solve problems based on stress or chronic muscle tightness. Athletes also choose Thai Massage because it improves flexibility of body.
Pregnancy Massage is a specific massage for pregnant women. Massage therapists making pregnancy massage must have pregnancy massage certificates because it can be dangerous with amateurs. The position women waiting is based on the month of pregnancy and it must be stable. Most important benefit of pregnancy massage is reducing stress of new child. Also it can decrease swelling. Some expert pregnancy massage therapist can make specific massages in the pregnancy massage therapy session.

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