How many popular freshwater aquarium fish are there?

Freshwater aquarium and fish feeding is a popular topic since the first years of civilization. There are lots of rules to create a better aquarium. It’s very important to collect fishes into the aquarium that is in the same habitat because if habitats are different, strong fishes may eat others. Also feeding and aquarium cleaning are very important topics. Behavior of chosen fishes must be equal because some aggressive types may create tsunami in aquarium. Color combination and aquarium accessories are also a need for creating best aquarium. How many popular freshwater aquarium fish are there?

Today there are 5 fish types that are possible to see in nearly all freshwater aquariums. They are Goldfish, Discus, swordtails, Oscars and Betta.
Goldfish is the most popular fish type for freshwater aquariums. It’s possible to find goldfishes in various types, colors, behaviors and shapes. Today there are over 100 goldfish types accepted worldwide for freshwater aquariums. Main disadvantage of goldfish is its level of heavy waste generation. A goldfish is one of the most waste generating fishes for freshwater aquariums and they always need care and cleaning. If aquarium with gold fishes has not enough care and maintenance, waste will result poor water quality in a short period and it’s the main reason of fish diseases for freshwater aquariums. Also it’s a common fault that goldfishes are selling and keeping in a small bowl. Goldfishes like to move and their high level of waste generation is extreme for small bowls. It’s a common belief that goldfishes live lesser than other fishes but it’s a total misbelief causing by wrong care behavior. Average lifetime of goldfishes is 20 years.

Discus fish is another popular type for freshwater aquariums. Their origin is Amazon River and Discus fish needs its own community to live and only share its life area with a few types. Their behavior is very shy and they like to live at the bottom of aquariums so aquariums with Discus fishes must have some deep accessories to hide. It’s also very important for their breeding environment. Today it’s possible to find more domestic Discus types like Blue Turquoise but their lifetime is very short because of genetic problems on breeding. Type needs at least 30degC to live so it’s very hard to combine them with exotic types in a freshwater aquarium. They have beautiful shapes with colorful lines but they like to isolate themselves with their female so it’s very hard to see them after 1 year in aquarium.

Swordtails, guppy and platy types are from same family and they are favorites of kids. They are very cheap in fish stores and easy to find. Also they are very suitable for little bowls but they need water to be fully cycled regularly. They are strong against common fish diseases. They like to live alone. Fish sellers mostly offer them as starter fishes to children.
Oscar fish is one of the most exotic looking freshwater aquarium types ever and it makes this type very popular but it’s also very fierce and aggressive. Oscar fish mostly prefers by fish breeders and sellers because of its fans. It’s very popular to see freshwater aquariums with only Oscar fish. These aquariums are most exotic and tropical one’s ever. Oscar fishes don’t like fish pellet and they mostly eat live food. Another reason why Oscar fish preferring is that type is very clean and very strong against illnesses and poverty. Some fish sellers feed them with 3 day intervals. They don’t like live aquarium plants because of sharing the habitat.

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