How many popular beverages are there in Mexico?

Mexico or United Mexican States with its full name is a North America country with a huge border with U.S.A. Mexico is popular with its music and cuisine all over the world. Traditional music types like Mariachi and Corridos are now worldwide famous. Cuisine of Mexico is worldwide popular with flavor and spice usage. Mexicans like to eat traditional things and they are still carrying recipes pre-Columbia eras. Also Mexico has its traditional beverages like “Tequila” and “Michelada.” How many popular beverages are there in Mexico?

Today every region of Mexico has different beverages but some of them like tequila became worldwide popular. Tequila is mainly a liquor distilled beverage. Main product of Tequila is blue agave plant. Tequila firstly started to be produced in Tequila area of Mexico and took its name from there. Blue agave plant grows in red volcanic soil and takes its hot taste from there. Agaves of high lands and agaves of low lands have very different tastes.
Today Mexican laws limited harvest of blue agave to only some areas of country. USA and Mexico have an agreement so only Mexican Tequilas can be imported and sell in USA. There is also an official tequila glass in Mexico and it’s only possible to drink tequila in these glasses in Mexico bars. Also Mexicans like to drink Tequila cocktails like La Paloma and Blenderitas.
Margarita is a worldwide popular cocktail making of tequila and liqueur. It’s a classic to serve it with a lime and salt on glass rim. U.S citizens like Margarita as much as Mexicans and it’s most popular tequila cocktail in country. Today Margarita has a recipe standard on 50% tequila, 21% fresh lime juice and 29% Cointreau for the best taste. There are lots of stories how Margarita is discovered and it’s possible to find a person with telling the story in every bar of Mexico.

Michelada is a popular beer cocktail in Mexico. Main ingredients of Michelada are beer, assorted sauces, peppers, lime juice and traditional spices. Bars serve Michelada in a special glass. Regional differences in Michelada’s recipe are possible and some regions of Mexico adds Worcestershire sauce, serrano peppers or Clamato to cocktail. It’s a tradition in Mexico for hangovers.
Chimayó Cocktail is a classic in Mexico. It’s firstly created in popular Chimayó restaurant of Chimayó, New Mexico. It’s mainly tequila and apple cider. There are lots of legends about cocktail but most popular one is definitely that people searching a way to use Chimayó valley apples discover Chimayó Cocktail. Mexican bars serve drink in highball glass. Some restaurants add “creme de cassis” to original recipe.

Tequila Fuego is the popular shot drink in Mexico. It’s super-hot and much spiced. Recipe includes hot chile sauce, jalapeno ring and kosher salt. It’s popular to make “how many shots” based contests in traditional bars and in some regions, if a boy wants to be known as men, he must drink at least ten shots of Tequila Fuego.
Blenderitas are a classic way for daily drinks or meetings and restaurants mostly serve it to new visitors to say hi. It’s a kind of fruity margarita but in Mexican style. Tequila and Cointreau level must be balanced in a perfect recipe. It’s very easy to prepare so it’s a classic also for home parties.
La Paloma is a favorite summer drink in Mexico. It only needs tequila and grapefruit soda. Mexicans like to use different lime flavors for La Paloma so it’s possible to find various La Paloma tastes in different regions of Mexico. Older Mexicans mostly don’t prefer it because of its light taste.

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