How many Peugeot hybrid models are there?

Peugeot is one of the biggest European car producers. Peugeot brand’s adventure is started with coffee mills in 1810 and still continuing with cars. Peugeot is mainly a French brand and produced its first car in 1891. Their symbol is Lion and this symbol registered by Emile Peugeot in 1858. Peugeot started to produce car after bicycle production and company is still producing bicycles. Peugeot owed its fame to their right strategy after World War 2. Company produced small and fuel efficient cars like Peugeot 203 after war. Also they integrated new technologies to their cars like hydraulic brakes and coil springs. Every year Peugeot comes with new models. How many Peugeot hybrid models are there?

Peugeot is making invest to hybrid cars since first half of 2000s. Company introduced its first hybrid car in 2002 Geneva Motor Show. Car’s name is announced as “The Peugeot RC”. But in charts car is named as “Peugeot RC HYmotion4”. Two different sub models of Peugeot RC were in 2002 Geneva Motor Show. One of them was The Spade. It was a black model with 2.0L naturally aspirated straight-4 petrol engine. Diamond model was red and including 2.2L diesel engine. Two cars have 900-kg carbon-fiber body and disk brakes of ceramic. BBC Top Gear reviewed car and remarked it as “possibly the first proper diesel sports car.”. Model is reviewed very similar to Chevrolet Volt. The RC HYmotion4 is including 70 kW electric motor.
Then Peugeot released Peugeot BB1 in Frankfurt Motor Show 2009. Michelin designed special in-wheel motors for this car. They have 7.5 kW of power and 320 N•m of each wheel torque. Car has 4 seats in its 2.5 meters length.
Peugeot iOn is a revised version of Mitsubishi’s popular model i-MiEV. It’s mainly a five-door hatchback electric car. Also it’s possible to find this car with the Citroën C-Zero name in Europe. Car is firstly started to be sold in Japan and then entered America market. It’s range is very close to 100 km.

Mitsubishi suspended its Peugeot iOn sell to Peugeot in Europe’s debt crisis 2012 because sell rates were very low. Since suspend, Peugeot sold 6,575 Peugeot iOn models in a small period.
Peugeot made lots of agreements with companies and governments to produce and sell Peugeot iOn. One of these agreements is with French Government in 2011. According to agreement, Peugeot will supply 3,900 electric cars to French Government for official use.
Also Peugeot iOn became one of the most rented cars in Europe. Some companies rented Peugeot iOn for 35 Euros per day. Especially MultiCity rented Peugeot iOn in French cities.

Also Peugeot planned lots of hybrid cars but most of them stayed as concept car. One of the hybrid cars planned by Peugeot was Peugeot 307 Hybride HDi Diesel. Its first plans are leaked in 2006. Car is firstly seen on Geneva Motor Show and commentators approve its lesser fuel consumption.
Peugeot is now working a new hybrid model but there are no images still leaked. One of the most important new features Peugeot is bringing to sector is “The electronic controls”. New style electronic controls are activating electric motor automatically. It’s very important because power overflow during shifts is very big in these models.

Also Peugeot 3008 Hybrid is announced as world’s first full diesel hybrid. It gives 4 wheel drive, Zero emission mode, 3.8 liters consumption in 100 km. Peugeot 3008 Hybrid is started to sold limited especially in France. Also it’s possible to find 508 HYbrid4 and 508 RXH in the Peugeot’s hybrid catalogue.

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