How Many People Own Google Glass up to now?

What do you think about the new inventions that are done in the last century? What are your thoughts about the rapid development of the technology especially in the last fifty years. What will be in the future about the development of the technology? 


As all we know, in the field of technology there are lots of the huge developments and these developments affect the people’s lives too much extent. The lives of the people have changed in a great way after the new inventions in the field of the technology. Today, we are going to make a short analysis about the device of Google, Google Glass. When we look at the inventions that are popular in last years, it is possible to see that the Google Glass is one of the most used and it is one of the most popular technological devices in the market of technology. Now let’s look at the history and some features of the Google Glass all together.


The Features of the Google Glass


As already we said, the Google Glass is one of the most used and most popular devices in the market. Then, what makes Google glass such a popular device? Let’s look at the some features of the Google Glass all together. Google Glass is a device that has electronic glasses on it and it can be possible to say that the Google Glass has the feature of a computer. People can use Google Glass as their personal computer. That is why the Google Glass device is such a usable device. And people can do whatever they do with their personal computers. The other feature of the Google Glass is that the people can control the sound of the device. People can reach the internet with the device and on the other hand it is possible for the people to take photograph and the video with the high resolution camera within the Google Glass device. When we look at the software application of the Google Glass we can see that the device is using the software of Android 4.4 and in the future with the development of the software industry the new software will be used in this device. When we look at the selling statistics of the Google Glass device, we can see that, in accordance with the researches that are done by the different websites there are approximately 40.000 Google Glass that are sold up to now and it seems that because of the popularity of the device the number of the sellings of the device will be increased in the near future. If the new addictions and the new features will be added to the device or the new versions of the device will be given to the market, of course the revenues of the company will be increased in the future. As the users, we are waiting for the new versions and the addictions of the Google Glass.

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