How Many people are visiting Disneyland each year?

When we look at the whole world there are lots of entertaining places and each year people from the different regions of the world are visiting these entertaining parks. On this point Disneyland is one of the most popular entertaining parks along the whole world. Disneyland is an entertaining park that takes place in the Los Angeles region of United States of America. When we look at the history of the Disneyland we see that it is established in the year of 17 July 1955 by Walt Disney who is the film maker and lively picture painter. 



. In the whole world almost every person knows about not only Walt Disney but also Disneyland. There are a lot of cartoons of Disney and because of this most of the people knows about them especially children like those cartoons and cartoon protagonists of Disney. It can be said that Disney is the best cartoon company in the world. Disneyland on the other hand is the biggest entertaining park in the world and from the point of tourism it is very important place for the United States of America. When we look at the number of tourists that are visiting the Disneyland each year we see that according to current research that are done by experts is 17 million per year. When we look at the daily average of the number of people who are visiting there are 46.500 people. And according to the season this number can be change from day to day. For instance in the season of summer this number are increasing too much extend but on the other hand when we think about the winter months this number is going to decrease because of the cold of the days. On this point there are some figures that are taken from the different parts of the Disneyland’s on different regions of the world. By looking these numbers we can get lots of idea about the number of tourists that are visiting the Disneyland in the world.

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Disney (California) 14.6 million per year/40,000 per day average

Tokyo Disney 12.7 million per year/35,000 per day average

Epcot 10.9 million people per year/30,000 per day average

Disney Hollywood Studios 9.6 million per year/26,000 per day average

Disney Animal Kingdom 9.5 million people per year/26,000 per day average

California Adventure 5.5 million per year/15,000 per day average

Disneyland is a place that are formed in order to get the attendance of the children and as a result of this it can be said that most of the tourists that comes to see the Disneyland are children because of the fact that the place’s goal. From long years the numbers of people who are visiting there have been increasing too much extend and thanks to the lots of advertisement of the place in the future again that number will be increased too much. The place always taking the attendance of the people and as a result of this the place is earning much more money thanks to the children and other people.


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