How Many People Are Using Drugs in The United States of America?

As all we know the health of the people is the most important thing in the world and because of this fact all of the people have to be careful about their health. When we think about the 21st century’s difficult conditions from the point of the working fields or other things, people have lots of stressful days in their lives and in order to get rid of these stressful situations in their lives people are applying the different things and they need lots of things in order to make their lives in a regular way.


At this point people should be very careful about their lives, as all we know they want to release themselves because of these stressful situations and they are doing this in different ways. Some of them doing sports, some of them are going to the countryside in order to relax themselves and on the other hand there are millions of the people in the world that applying the bad ways in order to get rid of their stressful lives. At this point, the most common problem that is shown in the whole world that the use of the drugs. In order to keep them relax and get rid of their problems people are using some kind of the substances that are harmful to the health. When we think about those kind of substances, they are affecting the neural system of the people and temporarily they are making the people relax and after some time those people are getting to using those kind of the substances and at the end of the process they are being an addictive. When we think about the effects of those kind of substances in a long term, it is possible to see for us that there are lots of harmful effects to the people’s body and the health. At first, they are directly stimulating the neural system of the human body and because of this they are giving harm to the brain of the people and because of the people are getting used to use them that becomes a health problem for those people after some time.


When people are keeping to continue these kind of substances, after some time they are being much more sensitive to the things that are on their environment and they are starting to be far from their normal life standards and their body start to lose their immunity and at the end of the process the neural system is dying and the other parts of the body are also dying. In the whole world, millions of the people are using the drugs and in most countries using them are prohibited by the government when we think about the country of  The United States of America we can see that, in accordance with the researches that are done by the health organizations, the number of the people which using drugs is 12,7 million.


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