How many oceans are there on the world?

Large pits between the continents is called the broad masses and deep ocean.Okeanos comes from the Greek word for the river Ocean, the Greeks became awareof the Strait of Gibraltar, and that the discharge of a river in a strong theory.


Vast oceans separating continents, the opening is seas.Occupy about one third of the Earth, and nearly half of the water level in this areais over 3000 meters.

Word of the ocean
Greek ”
River, “which means” Okeanos “is derived,

Much wider than the oceans and deep seas. There are three major oceans of the Earth.These are the great ocean between theAmericas and Asia and Oceania, the Americasand Europe and the Atlantic Ocean between Africa, Asia, South, is located in the Indian Ocean between Africa and the Oceania. This, combined with the oceans aroundAntarctica in the southern hemisphere to form a single body of water.


There are five oceans on the world:

Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Southern Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Arctic Ocean



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