How Many People Are Living in Baku?

What do you know about the different countries of the world? Do you have any favorite country that you want to see or do you want to go? How many different countries have you gone up to now and which countries of the world that you want to go? Today we are going to make a short analysis about the country of the Azerbaijan and more specifically we will give some specific information about the city of Baku. Azerbaijan is the country that are placed Caucasians and it is a country of the old Soviet Russian, because of this reason when you come to the country of Azerbaijan it is possible to see that there are lots of the different buildings that are stayed from the period of the Communist Russia and on the other hand of course it is possible to see that there are lots of the different modern buildings of the Baku. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

. Day by day the country is developing itself and the Azerbaijan is one of the most important and one of the most popular countries among the region. Politically the country is very powerful and it seems that in the future the power of the country will be increased, especially the military power of the Azerbaijan is very high. Although there have been some problems with its neighbor Armenia, generally the Azerbaijan is good at the relationship with its neighbors. Now let’s look at the city of Baku more specifically all together.


The Number of the People Who are Living in Baku

When we look at the geographical feature of the city of Baku we can see that it is placed near the sea of Caspian and because of this reason and other reasons about the structural body of the city, it can be possible to say that Baku is one of the most beautiful cities of the region. Its industry also is developing day by day and maybe in ten years time it will be one of the most important and one of the most popular centers of the trade of the region. There are lots of the revenues of the city of Baku, not only in the field of the industry but also in the field of the tourism the city has lots of the different revenues. In the city center of Baku there are lots of the new buildings that are used for the trade center. On the other hand for the Azerbaijani people the Eurovision Song contest is very important and they are participating in each year to this contest. The country won the Eurovision Song contest and they hosted the Eurovision song contest. Correspondingly to the development of the city and expansion of the city, the population of the city is being increased day by day. Today when we look at the number of the people who are living in the city of Baku of Azerbaijan we can see that there are 2,122,300 people are living in the city.


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