How many paper sheets can one tree produce?

Paper is one the most important pieces that boosted the development of modern world. Today books, keepers and more use paper as main material. Paper is producing from moist fibers. On the factories fibers are pressing to create a sheet of paper. Need for more and more paper today creates a big problem about nature because all paper needs more and more trees to be cut. Trees that used for paper is very hard to grow and very easy to cut. How many paper sheets can one tree produce?

All the countries have different technologies and policies to produce one paper sheet. In America for example, there are lots of discussions about paper and tree cut. Technical Association for Pulp and Paper Industry made a research on paper and reported that only one-third of all trees are using for producing paper. Other two-third for producing paper is woodchips and recovered papers. Other research company located in Texas say 17 trees is cutting for a ton of paper sheet.

In Australia, according to researches 1 tree is producing 22 reams of A4. In Africa 37 eucalyptus trees are using for 20 reams of A4.

Type of the tree is the main important thing for producing more paper. Some trees are giving more paper but they are growing very hard and they have a big importance in the ecosystem. But some trees are easier to grow but it’s not possible to produce paper as big trees on them. So some countries are using pine trees but some countries are cutting precious redwood trees for producing paper.

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