How many new things will happen in Awkward series third season?

Popular TV series Awkward will be on screen with 3rd season. Plot of series is mainly about a 15 year old girl and her unexpected gain popularity story. Ashley Rickards and Beau Mirchoff are starring on series. Series firstly started in 2011 and today it’s third season debut. Third season is mainly about Jenna’s decision. First season’s philosophy was ‘Who am I?’ and second season’s philosophy was ‘Who do I want to be with?’. Third season’s philosophy will be ‘Who do I want to be?. How many new things will happen in Awkward series third season?

First of all, viewers will watch Jenna and Matty’s relationship’s development. They will go to Euro trip with school and Jenna will spend time with Matty. She will try to understand her role in this relationship but some serious events will confuse her. Also Jenna will start to think about her afterschool life and some problems will appear on her mind about future.
Another important topic on new season is Ming. Ming is very decisive in her opinion to break all rules about school change. Becca and Fred’s new emotions while dating will change everything. Love will be a battle area between two girls. Ming will be very problematic on suiting to West culture and she will carry some unexpected things to school about her Asian culture.

One of the most surprising topics about new season is Lacey and her high school sweetheart Ben. Ben will return. There may be a love triangle. Also Jenna’s parent will unite again but problems will come to surface after a short period. There will be lots of lies about relationships and this lies will create conflicts for everyone. The question that Kevin knows or not about kiss also will be revealed. Whether Jenna knows the kiss or not is still uncertain. Everyone will find themselves in strange positions after relationships.
Most developing story will be about relationship between Lacey and Jenna. “The Letter” will come to order again but in a different situation. Viewers will notice that there are some changes on Lacey’s character. Lacey will also try to draw a line between her roles but it will be very hard to do it.

Viewer will see even Tamara and Jake will be together again or not. Also relationship between Sadie and Ricky will seal on stormy waters again when Ricky’s cheat will be up again. There will be a long story of Sadie and questions about her forgive on Ricky. Also question about Ricky cheated Sadie with who will be answered.
Awkward 3rd season will be 20 episodes. Episodes will be broadcasted in every week. There are some rumors that series’ schedule will be changed completely because while first and second seasons are 10 episodes, new season is double. Every weak averagely 1.8 million viewers watched series and with season 3 it’s estimated over 2.5 millions.
Story will be a good mix of comedy and drama again. But series will focus more on emotional situations of characters more than ever. The answer about “The Bottle” will not be totally answered in first episode and it will be a main topic of season. Also viewers will see who Jenna called with mysterious number but there will also be some jumptime situations on series. There are some rumors that a new boy will come near Jenna in third season beside nice-guy blonde and hunky brunette but it’s still in dark. If it happens, the question “Matty or Jake”s answer will be more detailed and confused than ever.

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