How many Neanderthals are there?

Neanderthals are an extinct type of human. Their fossils are mostly found in Europe and central Asia. First fossils were found in Neanderthal area of Germany and this kind took Neanderthal name. Today there are lots of controversies over them. Some scientists believe that Neanderthals are a subspecies of Homo sapiens. But there are also claims that Neanderthals are a unique type of human. Genetic researches showed that they are some different than today’s African generated modern human. There are also controversies about the age they lived. But it’s mostly believed that they lived 600,000 years ago. Their genes are similar to other extinct species like Homo heidelbergensis. How many Neanderthals are there?

Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens have lots of similar points. But there are also differences like brain size. At birth, brain sizes of both are same but Neanderthals’ brain is growing bigger than Homo Sapiens. Their hands and arms were also stronger than modern human. Researches showed that they knew the cooking ways while Homo Sapiens had no information about it.

Neanderthals skulls are firstly found in Engis, Belgium in 1829. The discoveries after this skull was surprising because they were using tools and know cooking well. They lived in the Last Glacial age and this age was so harmful that only little signs came to us. Their population was averagely 50,000. Their pick point was 70,000. There are some hypothesis why they extinct and the most famous one is climate change in their age. Founding their skulls in a better condition than Cro-Magnons is supporting this hypothesis.

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