How many NBA championships did Milwaukee Bucks won?

Milwaukee Bucks is the professional basketball team of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in NBA. They are in the Central Division group. Milwaukee has unforgettable players like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Oscar Robertson and Ray Allen. Milwaukee Bucks has thirteen division titles, two conference titles. But how many NBA championships did Milwaukee Bucks won?

Milwaukee Bucks is known as an unbalanced team for years. They have lots of important players but success is not near them for all. Different than today, Milwaukee Bucks was a successful team of NBA.

They have only 1 league title in NBA. It’s in 1971. In 1970-71 season, Milwaukee Bucks made a career high with 66–16. It was the first to make such big numbers. There were to unusual players in the team. Oscar Robertson “The Big O” was one of them. He played on 81 matches on this season and made totally 668 assists. Also he grabbed 462 rebounds.

Other star of team was Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor as later known Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He made 2596 points in 82 games and grabbed 1311 rebounds. Also he was NBA Scoring Champion, NBA MVP and NBA Finals MVP.

They have played 4 matches against Baltimore on the finals. They won the series by 4-0. It was a hard season because Milwaukee Bucks’ had strong opponents like Wilt Chamberlain from Los Angeles Lakers and Norm Van Lier from Cincinnati Royals. Also Jerry West was the notable player of 1970–71 NBA season at groups.

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