How many musical instruments are there in the world?

Main modern music is a combination of human voice and instruments. There are also types like acapella as only human voice and instrumental as only with instruments. But instruments role is always big in music. There are thousands of musical instruments on the world. Some of them are popular but some of them are local. How many musical instruments are there in the world?

There are 6 main categories of musical instruments today in the world and almost 300 in each. So with local instruments there are over 1500 instruments.

Main instrument category using and popular all over the world is percussion instruments. There are worldwide famous instruments in this category like drum kit, def and xylophone. There are also some local ones like Pandero of Mexico and O Daiko of Japan.

There are also lots of famous instruments in wind instruments category. They are armonica, clarinet, gaida and flute. Also local ones like Launeddas in Sardinnia and Nohkan in Iran are very famous in their countries. Human voice is also an instrument on wind instruments.

Stringed instruments are mostly local instruments like Langeleik of Norway and Saw sam sai of Thailand. Also there are worldwide famous stringed instruments like guitar, sitar, violin and banjo.

Electronic instruments are creations of last centuries some it’s possible to find more worldwide famous instruments on them. They are keyboard, computer, synthesizer and more.

Keyboard instruments are also worldwide famous as accordion, organ, piano and more. There are also hard to categorize ones like Raghu Narayan and Wobble board in the world.

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