How Many Musical Instruments are there in the world?

The History of the Music

It can be said that from the beginning of the humanity, music is always present in our lives as a people. People start to make music by using the elements that are available on their environments. Every people can make music and almost everything that is available on our environment can be used as a musical instrument. Instruments_collage (1)

For example; we can use a table as a musical instrument, we can hit it and we can produce rhythmical sounds from that object and we can say that there are lots of object like table that we can produce music by using them. The first people who develop music are ancient Greeks. In ancient Greece the people who are poets are saying their poems with music. In the year of B.C 6, Pythagoras  find the connection the sounds and the lengths of wires of instrument and it is very important event from the point of the development of the modern music and then from that time on the music has been developing too much extend and people always making music in our everyday life. It is so easy that in our daily life that almost everybody can make music even on their homes.



The number of Musical Instruments in our modern day.

With the rapid development of the technology and thanks to the people’s mind, lots of musical instruments are discovered from the history and the number of musical instruments will be increased in future because people always in curiosity and they are always producing new equipments. In our modern day there are lots of musical instruments that people are using. These musical instruments are not only global but also traditional. In the world today, there are between about 1500 and 2000 musical instruments. These musical instruments’ some of them are with sting some of them are wind some of them are percussion and there are also lots of types of them and when they are used in harmony great results from the point of music can be produced and in our modern world people can do this harmony in very good way and they are succeeding it and as a result of this they are producing perfect music. The science that are looking for the musical instruments are called as Organology and this science is looking for the how the musical instruments are made, how they are developed, how are their forms and there are lots of things that are looked for in this science. According to the archeological researches musical instruments are used 5000 years ago and it can be said that the roots of the Organology are start from the beginning of the 20th century. It can be said that Music composer and musical instrument producer Victor Charles Mahillon is the pioneer of the Organology. He has lots of supports and contribution to the development of musical instruments in 20th century. Consequently, we can say that in future the developments in the field of music will be increased to much extend and there will be lots of alternative musical instruments with the help of the people’s mind and rapid development of the technology in each field.



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