How many miracles of Jesus are there?

Jesus made lots of miracles on his lifetime. Writers categorize his miracles to four main categories. They are control over nature, cures, resurrection of the dead and exorcisms. They are recorded in Gospels. Gospel of John says that only some of Jesus’ miracles are recorded and if all were recorded, they won’t be any room without Jesus’ miracles books in the world. Christians and Muslims believe to miracles but liberal Christians and some other groups found them figurative. Some miracles are argued by opponent of the Christians especially in the 3rd-century. They said that Christ’s miracles are not original. There were some similar miracles in history. But there are also unique miracles of Jesus like Transfiguration of Jesus. How many miracles of Jesus are there?

Largest miracle group in New Testament about Jesus is cures. It’s possible to find very detailed information about all cure events. Jesus mostly cures people by saying some words. But it’s also possible to see that Jesus sometimes uses mud or spit for cure. Synoptic Gospels are the main record source of cure miracles. But they are not located in Gospel of John.
Jesus’ blind healings are also an important category of his cures. The canonical Gospels show four healing blind on Jesus miracles. Gospel of Mark talks about Jesus’ healing blind miracle with the name “Blind man in Bethsaida”. Jericho is the place where Jesus heals lots of blinds according to Matthew, Luke and Mark. Also The Gospel of Matthew says that Jesus healed two blind men in Galilee.

Cleansing a leper is a category in the Jesus miracles. Matthew 8:1-4, Luke 5:12-16 and Mark 1:40-45 talks about Jesus’ cleansing leper miracles. “Cleansing ten lepers” is the most known event located in Luke 17:11-19. Jesus sends some Lepers to priests, but after they healed, only one of them comes to thank Jesus and he’s a Samaritan.

Healing the paralytic is locating in two events of Jesus. One of them is happens in Capernaum. Jesus says get up and walk to paralytic man and he walks. Also Gospel of John says Jesus healed a paralytic man in Pool of Bethesda.
Jesus heals women in three events. One of them happens in the period of Daughter of Jairus miracle. When Jesus is going to Jairus’ house, a bleeding woman touches Jesus’ cloak and she healed instantly. Jesus’ miracle on curing Peter’s wife led people to follow Jesus. Also Luke 13:10-17 talks about Jesus heal an infirm woman.

All Canonical Gospels talks about Jesus’ own resurrection from dead. Also there are three more resurrections from dead miracles of Jesus. One of them is Daughter of Jairus. A synagogue patron calls Jesus to heal his daughter but girl dies while Jesus is on the way. When Jesus came to home, he says girls is only sleeping and resurrect her with the words “Talitha kum!”. The Young Man from Nain is second resurrection from dead miracle of Jesus. In this miracle Jesus see a woman in pity while his son is burying and says buried man to wake up. In The Raising of Lazarus miracle, Jesus resurrects his friend from death.

Jesus also has lots of miracles in control over nature and exorcism categories. Controls over nature miracles are vary from “Turning water into wine” to “Calming the storm”. The Gospels include 8 miracles of Jesus with control over the nature.
There are lots of works on the miracles of Jesus today. But it’s not possible to confirm or refute them. Lots of paintings were made by artists in history especially in 1400s.

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