How many locations are there Hertz is servicing globally?

Hertz is managing by Hertz Global Holdings Inc and it’s one of the oldest rent a car companies in USA. Walter L. Jacobs started to rent cars in 1918 with Model T Ford cars. After success of rental system, Jacobs sold company to John D. Hertz. Today The Hertz fleet is mostly using GM cars but it’s also possible to find Infiniti, Cadillac and Mercedes. There were an agreement between Ford and Hertz so it’s still possible to see majority of Ford cars in local places. How many locations are there Hertz is servicing globally?

It’s today possible to find Hertz locations in 145 countries and thousands of points. There’s also a good web site of company. It’s not minimalistic or clear but containing a good balance of campaigns, ads and services. Today it’s possible to see that lots of people are shutting down websites with lots of ads so narrow ad band of web site is good for them. Search tool of site is detailed but what it finds need some more search in queries. Site has a deep location finder page and it’s well detailed with options like airport location, zip code or airport code. It’s some hard to find locations in rural area but easier in cities.

Vehicle selection menu is including various economy and luxury cars that can satisfy all types of customers. Beside hybrid models, it’s possible to find some convertibles in the list but site lacks on pick-up or commercial truck rental service. It’s not a big problem for standard customers but today there’s an increasing demand for such vehicles in USA.
Strongest point of Hertz is features. It’s possible to find lots of features for all cars you can’t find on other car renters. Hertz is one of the few rental companies who makes possible to rent for people with disabilities. Only calling customer service is enough for finding a suitable car. Also some locations can adjust features of appropriate car according to customer.
It’s also possible to find options in web site for people with disabilities. It’s also possible to rent child seats on various sizes which is not possible on other can renter’s websites. Site’s online check-in service is also unique so you don’t have to wait hours in lines. Lack of adding GPS and other equipment to car online, buying tolls and fuel discount are problems of Hertz web site. You can also buy the car you rented and loved.
Support quality of Hertz is middle because it’s not possible to buy online insurance, airport shuttle information or roadside assistance packages online. You have to talk to seller for all of them but chatting real-time with representatives on phone is possible all time. They have also a good e-mail response system but their customer care system is still problematic.

Hertz is mostly for people who want to make everything possible about car rent online and don’t want to negotiate with seller. It’s possible to find hybrid cars in the catalogue but they have no detailed features like other car renters in their website. They don’t offer any gas or carbon certificate. Also company made an agreement with Nissan for renting Nissan Leaf electric car in USA and Europe. Company started to put “ExpressRent kiosks” in various places and it’s very easy to rent car with them. First usage of “ExpressRent kiosks” started in November 2011 and devices also offer live video chat with company assistant. Company also bought subbrands like “The Simply Wheelz” in 2000s but then converted them after bankrupts.

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