How many days David Blaine entombed in Buried Alive experience?

David Blaine is one of the most famous American illusionists and endurance artists. He broke lots of records especially in endurance tries and he named as the “Modern Houdini”. Blaine has a fiancée Alizee Guinochet and a daughter. Blaine made of TV and street shows since 1997. His records are hard to break and there is always news about him. He made lots of famous shows like Street Magic and Magic Man, Vertigo and Above the Below. But the most famous one is definitely Buried Alive. How many days David Blaine entombed in Buried Alive experience?

Buried Alive experience of David Blaine was on 1999. Blaine was entombed in a plastic box. And it was in a 3-ton water-filled tank. He made this show on Trump Place. Blaine’s only tool to communicate was a buzzer for emergency and it was not working stable. Blaine waited in this 152 mm headroom and coffin for seven weeks. He didn’t eat or drink anything. Only three tablespoon of water is given him with doctor’s advice. Site is visited for over 75,000 people in a week. Coffin opened in 12th April. After emerged from coffin, Blaine said “”I saw something very prophetic”. This show was tried by big illusionist Houdini and Houdini didn’t win success on this show.

Blaine also made lots of famous shows. Street Magic and Magic Man was the first show of him. The last one is Dive of Death. He’s preparing new shows now.

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