How many Linux users are there?

Linux is one of the most important and famous operating systems in the world. Main Linux system is Unix-like. Linux’s main difference on Microsoft Windows is that it’s free and open source to use. Linux is firstly released in 1991 and made a great impact in a short period. Linux’s main aim is creating a free operating system on Intel x86 based computers. But after first release Linux ported to different portals. Today Linux is mostly using in servers and nearly all of supercomputers are running on Linux. Linux is also using as embedded style in game consoles to tablets. How many Linux users are there?

Today Linux’s development is high and fast. There are lots of volunteer groups creating more strong and easy to use Linux types. Debian is the most famous volunteer group developing Linux. They develop famous Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Gentoo and Fedora.

Popular tablets and game consoles are also running on Linux. Most famous one of them is Android. Android is running on Linux kernel and updating continuously on it.

Linux community is now working on OLPC XO-1 laptop project. Main aim is providing laptops to millions of students under 20 dollars. Big companies like E-bay and Google are supporting this project.

Today over 60 million computers are running free Linux. And official numbers showed that nearly 20 million people are using Linux all over the world. This number will increase to 50 million on 2020 and 100 million on 2050 as predictions.

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