How many Kindles are sold by Amazon?

Kindle is the e-book reader selling by Amazon. Now it has fourth generation with developed e-ink technology. Kindle’s all versions are breaking the sell records. How many Kindles are sold by Amazon?

First Kindle was released in 2007. There was big demand on e-books and Amazon’s Kindle was the first e-ink reader in the market. So it sold millions in three months.

Then in 2009, Amazon released Kindle DX. Kindle DX was also using e-ink. It’s main difference from Kindle 1th generation was bigger screen. Also models with keyboard called Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Touch with touch sensitive screen are the generations of Kindle.

It’s also possible to use Kindle program with Mac OS X, windows, android, ios and more. Amazon is using “cloud” system that a reader can search, buy or borrow books from there.

In America and some other countries, Kindle is using a service called Whispersync. Whispersync’s system is free for USA and some other countries. It’s also possible to use Whispersync with fee in some countries.

Amazon is the leader of e-book reader market now with market share of 59%. In last two years, company gained %14 more market share with Kindle Touch. For a report released in 2011, 12.8 million e-book readers sold in the world and 48% of them are Kindle.

Complaints about Kindle are mostly about book prices. Amazon is selling New York Times best sellers for US$11. But there are also cheap books and magazines over US$1.

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