How Many Jews did Adolf Hitler Kill?

In the last century like in the whole history of the world there are lots of people who affect the people and the world too much extend. Basically it can be said that most of these people are politicians and on this point we can see lots of politicians from the different regions of the world and from the different countries of the world. On this point it can be said that Adolf Hitler is one of the most effective and one of the most powerful politicians when we look at the last century. Now let’s look at the short story of the life of Adolf Hitler and his politic life.2163985-adolf-hitler1

The Life of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler is one of the most effective leaders and political people in the world history. He is originally from Austria but he is German politician. He is born in the year of 1889 on 20 April in the city of Berlin. When he is a child he is very willing to learn new information and at the year of 1919 he attends the German Workers Party (Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; DAP) and from that time on his politic life is started and then after one year later in the year of 1921 this political party turns to another party called National Socialist German Workers Party (Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; DAP) and he continues his political life in this party. At the end of a long time political struggle he becomes the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party and he is started to powerful. Especially in the years of the World War I during the great depression in the Germany, he gains lots of power. He is very effective to the people who are living in the Germany in that time. He is giving directions to the people and his way of speech is very charismatic and he is affecting people easily with his character and telling. In order to develop the country again, he has lots of plans and thanks to the powerful speeches of him he gains power too much extend. He affects to the whole world and maybe one of the most effective events of Adolf Hitler is Holocaust of Jews. When you tell a person about Adolf Hitler he or she most probably will tell you about the Jews. Now let’s look at the events of the Jews and Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler Saluting, 1934


Adolf Hitler and Jews

In the years of the World War Two as everybody knows Adolf Hitler kills lots of the Jews and according to the researches that are done by the experts the number of the Jews that are killed by the Hitler is about 6 million and they call it as Holocaust. There are lots of speculations of why Hitler kills lots of Jews but the real reason is that Hitler thinks that they lose the war because of the Jews. Because in that time in the weapon factories Jew are working and when they go to the strike the Germans lose the war. In the history there are lots of speculations about these events and in future it will be again.

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