How Many Iphone 5sSold Up to now?

Do you have smart phone? What are your thoughts about the rapid development of the smart phones especially in the last ten years? What do you think about the future situation about the development of the smart phones and what can be the possible results of that situation? Today we are going to make a short analysis about the development of the smart phones and more specifically we will give some specific information about the features of the Iphone 5s. Today as all we know, in the world market, one of the most popular and one of the most used smart phone manufacturer is the Apple and it can be easily said that in the period of the development and the innovation of the smart phones Apple has very important role and it seems that in the future this company will make lots of the different contributions about the development and the innovations of the smart phones in the field of mobile phone industry. Up to now, there are lots of the different versions of the smart phones that are produced by the company of Apple. Now let’s look at the model of Iphone 5s all together.

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A short look to Iphone 5s

Iphone 5s is a model of the manufacturer of Apple company, it is put into the market in the year of 2013. It is introduced to the whole world by the CEO of Apple Tim Cook. This new model is like the other models of the Iphone but there are some specific changes inside it. For example; it the Iphone 5s, there are two types of cameras and one of them is flash that can send the cold light system and on the other hand we can see the flash that can send the hotter lights to the photograph. On the other hand there can be seen some different appearances when we compare the appearance of the Iphone 5s to the other models of the Iphone. When we look at the world market, it can be possible to see that like the old models of the Iphone, this new model also has been sold too much extend because of the high popularity, high quality and the different features of it and in accordance with the statistics that are done currently by the experts, up to now there are 9,750,000 Iphone 5s sold and it seems that until the new model are sent to the market, this model will be sold too much extent. 

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When we look at the other statistics about the Iphone5s we can see some interesting ones like that: for example, Number of iPhone 5s sales in the first 24 hours approximately 2,750,000 Iphone 5s are sold. From the different regions of the world, millions of the people are in the queue in order to buy this new model because of its popularity and high quality all over the whole world. 


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