How many good beaches are there in Mexico?

Mexico beaches are perfect combination of sea and history. It’s possible to see that nearly all civilizations in Mexico borders like to be close to sea and they made their civilizations in the sea coasts. Mexico is not offering calmest sea in the world but offering a variety of goof beaches for different activities from romance to dance. Hotel and restaurant sector is not developed big in Mexico beaches so it’s possible to find very cheap and good hotels in beautiful shores. How many good beaches are there in Mexico?

One of the most popular Mexico beaches is “Tulum Beach Area”. It’s a quiet beach area with lots of Mayan Temples and boutique hotels. Area is also popular in Mexico with its spas and spa hotels are perfect places to see good Mayan massage techniques. Also sunset in Tulum beaches area is unique and every year celebrities of Mexico come to this area for romantic getaways.
Cancun beach area is not for only summer but it’s for all year with unique climate of area. Mexicans offer Cancun for premiere holiday. It’s also a luxury hotels area and sunset in Cancun is worldwide popular. Cancun area is crowd than other beach areas of Mexico. Also it’s possible to visit some Mayan temples and good restaurants in the Cancun.

Playa del Carmen beach area is the Europe of Mexico. Beaches are very similar to other beach areas in Playa del Carmen but hotel culture and nightlife is really European. It’s possible to see thousands of Europeans coming to Playa del Carmen every year. Sea of area is some deeper than others but beaches are very clean and quite. Life starts on night in Playa del Carmen. Restaurants of area are preparing traditional Mexican food but they are not the hottest ones.
Cabo San Lucas beach area is offering what you are looking while going to a holiday. Pacific coast of Cabo San Lucas is popular for outdoor sports lovers with its huge waves. Sea of Cortez is offering clean and quite beaches, clean and calm water. It’s a premiere place in Mexico for honeymooners. So going there with family is not very suitable. Nightlife of Cabo San Lucas is craziest in the Mexico. Also hotels are more expensive than other beach areas.

Nuevo Vallarta beach area is for luxury lovers. Area is full of luxury resorts. Also nature lovers come here to see unique Caguama turtles and their laying period. Nuevo Vallarta is mostly preferred for lounging in Banderas Bay for a good sunset. Also Sierra Madre jungle is very close and resorts are organizing ATV tours every day for discovering the jungle. There’s a local water park for children and it’s possible to see lots of animals from lions to dolphins. Hotel number in area is very limited and prices are high.
Akumal beach area is popular for snorkelers and deep lovers. Area is full of turtle caves so it’s possible to see one while swimming. It’s a very quiet family area and restaurants are offering various coral fish types. Hotel numbers are very limited but people of town are most tourist-friendly people in Mexico. Akumal beach restaurants are offering unique Akumal cuisine.
Cozumel beach area is also popular for snorkelers and deep lovers. Second largest reef in the world is located in Cozumel and local proverb says real Cozumel beauty is underwater. Especially Playa Corona and Playa Palancar are best places for diving in Caribbean Sea.

Puerto Aventuras beach area is the fishing heaven of Mexicans. Area is very close to Tulum beaches area. There are lots of eco-archaeological diving tours in the Puerto Aventuras.

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