How Many Gamers Are There In The World ?

How Many Gamers Are There In The World ?

In today’s world, many people spend their time playing games. Playing games has become a part of our lives and the number of people playing games increases day by day. It allows people to rest, emptying their heads, getting enjoy and playing games make it easier for people to socialize. People feel happy when they are playing games. Complex and challenging games make people more creative and it can improve people’s visual ability. Playing games can help people to make faster decisions.

Playing mind games, kind of puzzle, problem-solving, guessing and memory games helps people who suffer from dyslexia, ms and autism disorder. Studies found that action games are reducing bullying. People who are gamers do less bullying behaviors. People can make new friendships through games and this is the biggest factor that makes them addicted to the game. There are also negative effects as well as positive effects of playing games. When people spend most of their time playing games, people’s sleep patterns are getting worse. They do not get night sleep and it increasing health problems.

People start to communicate less with their loved ones, which is a big problem in the relationships. People move less because of the game and more often stay in front of the electronic devices. To move a little during the day and not doing exercise increases the digestive and weight problems, also eye problems. It is recommended that people should play by paying attention to these effects. The number of people depositing money in the game is higher than people thought. 108.9 billion dollars was spent on the game industry in 2017. Let’s look the gamers statistics distribution for age, gender, region, and game types.

Statistics Say,

There are 1.8 billion people are gamers. 1.2 of them are pc gamers.

62% of people are pc game player and 56% of people are console player. 355 of gamers use the smartphone, 31% of them use the wireless device and 21% of them use the dedicated handheld system.

The average male game player age is 35 years old.

The average female game player age is 43 years old.

Gamers gender distribution is 56% of the male and 44% of the female.

Under 18 years old people’ 26% are game player. 18-35 years old people’ 30% are game player. 36-49 years old people’ 17% are game player. 50+ years old people’ 27% are gamer.

40% of gamers play with friends, 21% gamers play with their family members, 17% gamers play with parents and 15% of them play with their partner.

39% Most frequent gamers play social games.

For video gamers, statistics say, 31% play social games, 30% play action games and 30% play puzzle – board games.

For wireless or mobile device users, 31% play social games, 14% play puzzle games and 5% play action games.

In Pacific Asia, 912 million people are regular game players. 605 million gamers are there in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. 200 million people are playing games in North America, 192 million people are playing games in South America.


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