How many feet of the insect centipede are they?

The Ones centipede toxic and dangerous. Who heard all parties are present. Especially love the warm, moist areas. The nest centipedes underground, under the leaves of trees,under rocks, under the bark of trees, brush in the corners of the wall and makes the houses. Dozens of eggs at once, a centipede female.

The centipede, the word comes from the Latin word for a hundred feet, which means Centipede. We wonder where he should not let someone else do research for centuries in a comprehensive manner contemplated, and millipedes.

Been demonstrated, they have a face-up .. Some more, some less pillars. Closer to the number of foot-to-face was discovered in 1999. This was the centipedes and millipedes of 96 feet, the foot being the only species with an even number of pairs separated: So you had 48 double-leg. All centipedes have one pair of the other foot, with the couple and their range of 191 feet from the number 15.


Do you have millipedes damage to people?

Damage caused by insects people may vary depending on the type of centipede. Types of insects that are toxic poisonous centipede are rare but very dangerous. As microbes can cause many diseases carried by millipedes. Immunity, particularly infants and children who have not yet developed very quickly become infected.

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