How Many Features of DSLR Cameras Are There?


The Development of Digital SLR Cameras.

First of all we can define DSLR cameras as “Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras”. With the increasing technology, as it is in all fields, the camera and video industry have increased to much extend in last years. People are using cameras almost in all their lives in order to keep their memoirs, even in their cell phones people have cameras and they are always taking pictures with that devices. When we look at the modern SLR Cameras’ root we can say that the first camera is produced in the year of 1963 and its name is “Polaroid Instant Color Film”FujifilmFinepixX100-580-75

It can be said that that camera is the predecessor of today’s all DSLR cameras. After the production of “Polaroid Instant Color Film” in the year of 1969 Willard Boyle and George Smith designed the first CCD processor and in the year of 2009 they took designing award for their design. In the year of 1975 KODAK produced a camera and it was 0.01 MP and it had CCD camera prototype. This camera, in order to take a picture, it must pose for 23 seconds for a picture, when it is thought from the point of modern cameras it is very long duration and the camera’s body is very heavy and great. On the other hand, it is not impossible to think about today’s modern cameras from those days because of the rapid development of the technology. The year is 1976 and it is started to be laid the foundations of modern DSLR cameras, in this year the company of CANON produced first 35mm film camera its name is CANON AE1. With the development of technology in these years, the relationship between films and microprocessors is started.

561753_568954089797428_1991578916_nModern Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cameras

After those developments in the field of photography, modern DSLR cameras are produced. When we look at the DSLR market, we can see the biggest DSLR producers in our modern day are CANON, NİKON, PENTAX, SAMSUNG, SONY, and MINOLTA. They are all quality producers but we can choose CANON and NİKON. These two brands are producing very qualified cameras. In modern day, the reporters, sport reporters and normal users are using these two brands. Especially in politic events of other events people are getting help from them in order to certificate them. On the other hand, a normal camera user can use these cameras in their daily lives. They can do lots of things by using these cameras when it is compared with other compact digital cameras. For instance; they can set the whole light settings in order to get o qualitative picture, they can take photograph in long and short exposures. For example; you can take photograph when you are jumping and it can be very interesting but when it is compared to the other cameras it can be said that it is impossible. From the history DSLR cameras have been developing and with the help of the developments in technology in future they will be widespread and new features will be added to them. I hope we will see lots of features that we can’t imagine even today.

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