How many eyes of flies are there?

The fly can beat its wings hundreds of times per second. For this act, for the rest of the energy consumed by a hundred times more energy intensive. In this regard, a very strong creature. Because human metabolism than normal pace, and spend up to 10 times more energy. Moreover, for human consumption, such energy intensity to maintain more than a few minutes. However, the fly can beat its wings, the tempo and rhythm through out the half hour can travel more than one kilometer distance.

The eyes of a fly are 6. These eyes consist of 4000 small and simple eyelet. The fly has the ability to play

these eyes. Each eyelet is facing a different direction to face, front, back, left, right, top and bottom are visible. In other words, can detect about 361degrees. Each eye off the light and the light of their own goals and cells in the direction of work. The eyes of both eyes are 8 total.Flies sensory cells of the sensory cellsis about 49,000. In this way, up to 100 frames per second fly eye can detect human and10 times that. 49 000 over the brain of the fly, as the information reaches one tenth of a second. This information is evaluated in the center of the optic nerve that make up two thirds of the brain.