How many types of whiskey are there?

There are four types of whiskey. Malt whiskey, whiskey millet, blended whiskey andother whiskeys.Malt Whisky:

This refers to whiskey as “malt” means, and it must be emphasized that there is real whiskey. In the simplest to say and just barley being achieved by means of distillation.Malt whiskey is the drink of the noblest in the world. Malt is also a certain amount ofblended Scotch whiskey each. House malt distillery in Scotland produces about a hundred. So what is malt? Barley dry after cleaning the surface of the water is left to germinate. After sufficient time germinated barley, malt is dried and fired to get the partyroast. Barley grains are ground and dried buds widens. This hot water is added to the wort to get the meal. The resulting slurry of malt, boiled waiting boat. Hot enough tobrown the bottom of the boat, after the juice is taken with a sticky liquid. Now remaining, bagasse, animal feed is made. Fermented sap to take another boat. The suspensionconsists of all types of alcohol. This slurry is known various alcohols to obtain the degreeof evaporation, by heating, alcohols, evaporated and condensed liquid is separated andthen converted back again the operation is performed with distillation.
corn whiskey:
Millet whiskey made ​​from corn. Ground corn dough and then added to hot water. After about 1/9 volume of barley mixed maltıyla. This mixture is then imbikte mayalandıktanspirit is distilled and the colorless as the output of the still. Neutral whiskey in the construction of this alcohol, but also gin, vodka, and methyl alcohol used in construction.Mark, and any içmemekle, The Invergordon or give Cameron Brig. I do not contain malt whiskey, one hundred percent white ispirtodan are obtained. Enjoy all the

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Blended whiskey (blended whiskey)
With a mixture of malt whiskeys and corn are obtained. How much is used in which the mixture of Scotch whiskey is whiskey distillery houses the biggest secret of all. But if we generalize an ordinary whiskey mixed with 20-30%, 40-50% of those with expensivewhiskey available. Luxury label or premium malt mixtures contain at least 50%, and at least 8 years. Super Deluxe are mixtures of about 20 years and contain up to 75% malt.One of the most notoriously blended whiskeys (Justerini and Brooks) is J & B RareScotch Whisky. History of Italian who emigrated to England in 1749 after an opera loverand artist, the British until the start of production of the liquor will find a partner. But it ismainly grown in popularity during the 1930s in the United States ceased to ban alcohol.The green color of caramel-use of an open bottle of whiskey and debtor uses unusual,widespread and affordable.
 Irish whiskey:
Jameson Irish Whiskey: These whiskeys are made exactly like the malt Scotch whiskey.The only difference is 2 to 3 times by the passage of damıtılmasıdır yet. This difference in the Scottish maltından smoother, softer and makes it more expensive. Be stressed here as a matter whiskey or Irish whiskey that Scotch whiskey, whiskey is not as prescriptive.
The most famous Jameson Irish whiskey is triple distilled. Produced since 1780. As the image suggests a mix of barley malt whiskeys and other grains.